10 Things Your Boyfriend Wants You To Do While Making Out

10 Things Your Boyfriend Wants You To Do While Making Out

We all absolutely love making out with our boyfriends. It is probably one of our most favourite things to do. However, sometimes we miss out on the vital deets because we are too consumed by the process. Here are 10 things your boyfriend wants you to do while making out!

1. Cup his face

When you touch his face - cup his chin or jawline - gently while kissing him, it only makes your actions seem more intimate and heartfelt. Girls, be sure to try it next time!

1 while making out - couple making out

2. Pull him towards you

A soft tug is all we’re talking about here - after all the closer you get, the more exciting it is! Let your bodies touch, linger and simply go with the flow!

3. Use your tongue

Go all in with that smooch girl, kiss him like your life depends on it and let your tongue make it a passionate affair!

4. Don’t ignore the neck

Stroking and kissing the side of his face and his neck turns him on in a big way and he certainly wishes you did more of that.

4 while making out - couple making out

5. Passionate actions

Make your makeout sesh urgent and passionate - tug at his hair, you could even grab his bum and boy would that get him going!

6. Guide his hands

Take his hands to your boobs and below, basically wherever you’d want them to go *wink*. This also assures a guy that you fancy him as much as he is attracted to you!

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7. Make it sweet yet sexy

Take your time, everything doesn’t have to happen in slow motion but make the process fun. Kiss him, slightly bite his lip… get as creative as you possibly can!

7 while making out - girl stripping

8. Don’t lose eye contact

Your body language speaks volumes when you’re getting intimate with someone. So be aware of nonverbal cues and respect each other’s boundaries. And getting distracted by your phone or the outside world would kinda be a no-no.

9. Erm… moan

It’s important he knows you’re enjoying it as much as him and whatever he is doing is making you feel great.

10. Take a well-deserved break

Catch up on your breath, look each other in the eye and by all means, dive right back in.

10 while making out - couple making out

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