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10 Women Reveal Thoughts They Had While Having Sex For The First Time

There’s nothing as hot as a steamy sex scene in the movies because it showcases the act in a flawless and fun light. However, sometimes, the reality is far different from these fictional scenes, especially when someone just started exploring.

I asked women to reveal their exact thoughts while having sex for the first time, and their responses were both, hilarious and well, real! Let’s check these out!

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1. “My first and only thought was ‘I love him. I want this’. Then I shut my brain off and we kept gazing at each other until the very end.” -Anonymous

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2. “Um, is he done because I’m definitely not!” -AS

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3. “What is even happening- it’s not comfortable- I don’t feel anything- I just want it to end soon- it’s not enjoyable for me.” -Anonymous

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4. “Okay, is it in yet? Why does it feel so wobbly?” -RK

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5. “The person kept asking me if he was doing good. I couldn’t be honest, of course. He ended up saying himself, ‘I know you liked it.’” -Anonymous

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6. “Whoever said this was fun and pleasurable must be a frickin’ virgin.” -SS

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7. “Ugh, that’s not my clit. He definitely watched in action in a porn movie. Where do I keep my hands again?” -Anonymous

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8. “I told him to stay at that spot, why is he doing it faster? Slow down, boy, it’s not a damn horseriding session.” -DV

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9. “Yaar, yeh kar kya raha hain? Mujhe nahin karna iske saath koi sex-sux.” -Anonymous

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10. “When is he going to shut up and let me moan? Why is all his weight on me?” -MK

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Well, nothing everything that sounds fun is fun IRL!

23 Nov 2023

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