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The Answer To All Your Lifestyle-Related Queries

The largest online community for millennial women in India, POPxo provides you with relatable content across a variety of genres. We talk about everything from beauty and fashion, to wedding and wellness. POPxo brings you trending stories and updates through its articles, videos, and social media handles. So here are a few things that you can expect from our lifestyle segment


We get your need to make the best out of your vacations. As a digital magazine for women, we scour the latest travel trends and bring them to you. Be it international travel or just wanderlusting within the borders, we give you travel recommendations that you’ve never explored before. From luxury travel to budget trips, POPxo is your partner for planning the perfect vacation!


Want to up your shopping game ? Well, POPxo is the right place for you! Whether you need a guide to Sarojini Market or just want to be updated with what’s trending this season, we have recommendations for everything. Get info on upcoming sales, renting options, and budget shopping, all at one portal!


Planning a date night with bae and want to make it just perfect? We bring you all the sex-related tips that will make sure that you two have a great time. From real stories to tell-tale signs that you can look out for in a relationship, count on us to make sure that you’re prepared for everything!


We understand the importance that relationships hold in your life. As an online magazine for women, POPxo brings you stories that celebrate the essence of every relationship that you hold close. From proposal ideas to expressing your feelings, our articles on relationships will have you geared up for everything!


POPxo understands your need to give the best to your furry friends. We bring you recommendations on pet-friendly cafes and restaurants that you can visit with your pet pals. From celebrity pooches to pet challenges dominating the internet, our stories cover it all!


Parenting is a wonderful experience, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. So we are here to help you with parenting articles that you will relate to. From tips on toddler tantrums to the best shopping destinations for kids, our stories provide everything for the Indian super mom!


Humour is an essential flavour in life that you should never go without. POPxo brings you a series of articles that are bound to make you chuckle. From trending memes to funny stories that you will relate to, we’ve got it all!

Home & Garden

POPxo understands the joy that comes with maintaining a beautiful home and garden. So we bring you style inspo and the latest in home decor. Whether you’re looking for decoration tips or shopping centres for the best interiors, POPxo is your style guide to setting up the perfect home.  

Food & Nightlife

POPxo recognises the modern Indian woman’s need to go out and have a good time. So we bring you recommendations on the most happening restaurants that you can explore. From street food joints to fine dining, we give you unbiased reviews on everything.


We recognise your need to be financially independent, so POPxo brings you the ultimate guide for all your finance-related woes. Be it filing your taxes or making investments, our articles on finance are here to help you through everything.


If you love stories as much as we do then our fiction segment is just the thing for you. We give you reviews on movies and books, and update you with all the upcoming movie announcements. POPxo is all you need to get in touch with all that’s happening in the fiction segment.


POPxo brings you the latest in education with its series of articles. We give you recommendation on exams you could sit for and update you with all that is happening in the education sector. From studying tips to exploring the scope of different course options, our content caters to your every need.

DIY Life Hacks

We love DIY hacks for the simple reason that they make life so much easier. So whether you’re looking for DIY options to spruce up your home or just some last-minute fixes, we’ve got the solution for everything!


POPxo brings you stories on awareness that concern the modern Indian woman. Read everything you need to know about breast cancer and HIV in our awareness segment. From real-life survival stories to the #MeToo campaign, our articles will keep you updated on everything.

A lifestyle magazine for women, POPxo believes in giving its audience healthy lifestyle tips. For any special queries, you can drop a question at our Hangouts section where our women community will give you unbiased answers. We aim to be your BFFs in your journey, and here to enable you take things up a pop!

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