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12 Sugar Babies Reveal How Much Sugar There Actually Is To What They Do

Being a sugar baby sounds all interesting and fun until someone actually experiences it. While some babies had a brilliant time with their sugar daddies, it was simply a nightmare for several others. 

In a thread, some sugar babies reveal their adventures, and trust us, it’s a very interesting read. Take a look!


1. “I was one on and off for years. Like any job, it’s a mixed bag. Like any job, it gets old after a while. The big difference between it and a “straight” job is that you control everything, which also means that all the risks are on you to mitigate to the best of your ability. You pick who to meet and make an arrangement with, you set your hours and you get cash to do with as you please. That might all sound great, but it can be horrible if you don’t have excellent street smarts and intuition. You ‘have’ to be hyper-aware to do it safely. I enjoyed it while I enjoyed it, and then I quit. Knowing when to get out and having a plan to do so is another important factor.” –BunBunPurrPaws

News Direct

2. “Tried being a sugar baby through an online website. He flew me to New York, but grossed me out later. He sucked through his dentures constantly. To his credit, he acknowledged I was uncomfortable and bought a plane ticket for me to go home early.” –eatkittens

The Irish Sun

3. “I’ve tried to become a sugar baby, hoping to find a man who just wants platonic company in exchange for money or an attractive daddy who I’m more than willing to sleep with for funds. Instead, I’ve just received messages from men not willing to put in effort to spoil me until I feel guilty enough to sleep with them. Basically, all they want is sex and they are very explicit/eager about it.” –luvisrage

24 News

4. “The guy I’m presently working out an arrangement with is very generous, and although a specific number hasn’t been reached yet, I have been offered a credit card linked to his account to use pretty much however I want. At the moment, I’m quite suspicious as it seems like a “too good to be true” type of deal.” –One_Peanut_Cookie

Info Bae

5. “I used to be friends with someone who was a user of a sugar-daddy site. She said there weren’t really too many negatives to it once you were clear on what you were doing on it. $500 to go out and grab a meal with someone for a few hours that they’re paying for, why not? Occasionally. she’d get more upfront questions but she ignored those.” –Realmenhavecurves

The Washington Independent

6. “My niece was a sugar baby. One guy met her for the first time at her house and after a while, he admitted he was broke. Of course, my niece wanted nothing to do with him but her mom was there too. The broke guy and her mother hit it off and they’re still together seven years later.” –Cosmonachos

Sugar Book

7. “Being a sugar baby is not for just anyone. If you want to succeed in it, as an actual business venture, you need to be very cold, brutal, and detached from both men and sex. It’s inherently a very unbalanced dynamic- he’s wealthy and has a lot more life experience than his college-aged sugar baby. It isn’t uncommon for these men to try to twist that to their advantage.” –AmethystRosette

East Bay Express

8. “I was given an allowance of 5k a month with all the other little perks such as his credit card, new phones and shopping sprees. It’s best not to rely on them as a main income because all of it can stop and then, you are left in the dark with nothing and of course, there are sugar daddies that eventually end up with their sugar babies.” –misscolinsxx


9. “I was a sugar baby for about a year now. I was having trouble finding work and always liked older men so I put the two together. I’m plus size and I thought I wouldn’t have any luck but I do surprisingly well. I had a couple of CEOs and attornies. I got to meet really interesting people and had a lot of opportunities to travel. It’s a lot of work though. You need to market yourself and look put together. I had really high points and lows. Usually, they do a monthly allowance or PPM, it always depended on scheduling for me.” –Anonymous

Sugar Daddy

10. “Everyone has their own sets of rules. You might be able to fetch better pay if you tell them you’re open to sex. But I know plenty of other sugar babies who strictly keep it to companionship. How it works for me typically, is they either agree to a PPM (pay per meet), which essentially means they pay you an agreed-upon amount every date we have. Or, for long-term arrangements, (especially if they’re exclusive) I’d receive a monthly allowance instead.” –vivi_sugardiaries

Sugar Daddy

Now this was quite interesting, wasn’t it?

25 Feb 2024

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