24 *Sexy* Texts To Turn Your Boyfriend On Instantly!

24 *Sexy* Texts To Turn Your Boyfriend On Instantly!

Sexting can be challenging at times. How do you send those seducing text messages? How do you say the same thing in a different way? What exactly gets him hot? How do you begin? How do you end? What happens in between? Questions, questions… Worry not, we’ve got the answers you need! Try these 24 sexy things to text your boyfriend and take your sexting game to the next level. (You’re welcome!)

Sexy Messages For Boyfriend To Get Him In The Mood

Start with these tamer texts below to set the temperature ringing. It’s time you do some serious copy-paste from here! *Cheers*

1. “Something about the way you said hello just made me so hot!”

2. “I have a few things in mind we can do, instead of just talking tonight!”

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2 hot texts

3. “Let’s play a game together, I'm in the mood for something naughty!” (Psst, make sure you have a game in mind)

4.“Guess what I am wearing to bed tonight? … Nothing.”

4 hot texts

5. “I can’t stop daydreaming about us, you and me...in each other’s arms, moaning...Got anything to add to that vision?” *Wink*                                        

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6. “What is the dirtiest thought you have had about me? I already know mine!”

6 hot texts

7. “If we were together right now, where would you want me to touch you?”

8. “I dreamt about you last night and it was so hot, I woke up turned on!”

8 hot texts

9. “Guess the colour of the panties I am wearing tonight and I will make one of your fantasies come true!”

10. “How would you feel if I made out with a girl?” *Grin*

10 hot texts

11. “I’d love to see you right now...preferably, without any clothes on.”

12. “My cold shower turned hot just thinking about you...now I am sweaty and naked!”

12 hot texts

13. “Imagine we’re in the bedroom together - what would your first thought be?”

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14. “Good morning! I am not wearing a bra right now, just thought you should know!”

14 hot texts

15. “I can’t wait to show you what I’m wearing, I think you’ll like taking it off!”

16. “Guess what I am thinking right now? Here’s a hint: It involves my tongue and you

naked!” 16 hot texts

17. “I feel like something is missing from my life... Namely, you. Between my legs.”

18. “What would you say if I suggest we spend all of next weekend in bed?”

18 hot texts

19. “I have to admit something, I have been thinking about you all day...without any clothes on.”

20. “I’m trying on these new bras but I need a second opinion, what do you think?” *Follow up with some sexy lingerie pictures*

20 hot texts

21. *When he asks what you are doing* “I was just going for a shower, you could join too, if you’d like.”

22. “I can’t believe how out of control I feel when I think about you.”

23. “Umm, I’m not wearing panties. They’re not comfy.”

24. “Up for a guessing game? Guess what I’m wearing right now?” (Hey, keep a list of guessing questions handy) *Wink*

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