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11 Sweet Texts Every Girl On Her Period *Wants* From Her Guy!

11 Sweet Texts Every Girl On Her Period *Wants* From Her Guy!

It is difficult for men to understand what we women go through during our periods. But, there are a few little things that every man can do for his girl while she is going through this monthly pain and discomfort. Here are a few messages every girl wants to receive from her boyfriend when she is on her period!

1. ‘Will be there in 10, with chocolates, Chinese food and your favourite movie!’

This is exactly why you love him so much!
1 texts girls want to receive

2. ‘Coming soon to cuddle you.’

Who else do you need when your tummy hurts, right?

3. ‘I am thinking of you…’

Bad day at work...along with cramps? This message can surely bring a smile! 3 texts girls want to receive

4. ‘Would you like to go shopping?’

…because retail therapy can put every girl in a better mood.

5. ‘Which ice cream flavour would you like today, babe?’

Dream man, right here, ladies! 5 texts girls want to receive

6. ‘The hot water bottle is ready for you.’

Isn’t he adorable when he takes care of these small things?!

7. ‘Cooking your favourite things tonight!’

What’s better than going over to your boyfriend's place to see him cooking the dish you’ve been craving all day? 7 texts girls want to receive

8. ‘Do you need any medicines or pads?’

Having your guy being there for you 24x7 is the most beautiful feeling.

9. ‘You are the most beautiful girl I know.’

Because when you are cranky and feeling bloated, you want to be reminded of how beautiful you still look.
9 texts girls want to receive

10. ‘I understand, babe, don't worry’.

When you are being unreasonable and irrational, this is exactly what you want to hear from your guy!

11. ‘I love you’

On your period or not, this is one message that always makes a girl blush and feel blessed! 11 texts girls want to receive GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Feb 16, 2017
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