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8 Discreet Vibrators You Can Buy Because You Gotta Hide Your Best Friends At Times

There’s nothing like vibrators – not even close. In fact, it’s one of the finest creations of mankind because without it, most of us women would have never discovered orgasms (it’s just true).

However, at times it becomes a little challenging to hide them, especially when we live with our families or roommates.

Fret not, we have listed some ‘innocent-looking’ vibrators that you wouldn’t need to shove in your lingerie drawer. Let’s take a look.


1. Lipstick Vibrator


This one is not just cute, but is also strong. It can sit on our vanity, along with our actual lipsticks, without anyone knowing. You can buy this product here.

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2. Mascara Vibrator

This sneaky and discreet vibrator looks exactly like mascara but gives teeth-clenching orgasms with its four different functions. You can check it here.


3. Bunny Vibrator


This one might look like an innocent bunny-shaped showpiece, but provides unmatched pleasure. It has ten speeds to switch and makes no noise when in use. It seems like our perfect nighttime friend. Check the product here.


4. Ring Vibrator

This vibrator is tiny, handy and well, powerful. Shaped like a ring, it’s available in three variants to give you the orgasms of your dreams. See this one here.


5. Makeup Brush Vibrator


Don’t we just love when a product can work in more than one way? This adorable yet naughty product acts like a makeup brush as well as a vibrator. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself here.


6. Duck Vibrator

This lightweight vibrator has different speeds to choose from. However, you might want to keep this one away from the kids! You can buy it here.


7. Necklace Vibrator


Is it a necklace? It is a vibrator? No one can ever tell and hence, it’s the perfect vibrator to have with you all the time without anyone knowing! Check this product here.


8. Beauty Blender Vibrator

Every woman loves collecting beauty blenders, right? But, we promise that nothing comes close to this rechargeable clit vibrator. You can see the product here.

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You are welcome, ladies!

30 Jan 2024

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