Best Facial Exercises To Get Rid Of That Double Chin In Time For The Wedding!

Best Facial Exercises To Get Rid Of That Double Chin In Time For The Wedding!

You can hide your belly fat, love handles and chubby arms in photos, but one thing that’s always out in the open and impossible to cover up is your double chin. Any other time is still okay, but your wedding photos are something you want to be perfect. You can contour your way through the problem on your wedding day. But what about later? When you go on your honeymoon or somebody drops by to meet you, the new bride? Well, before you go into panic mode, let’s just tell you we have a great and permanent solution to your double chin problem - the natural way. Here are some facial exercises that will surely help you get rid of double chin. It’ll obviously take time to show the desired results, but hey, all good things do! Try ‘em out.

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1. Stick out your tongue

Sit in a very relaxed position and open your mouth as wide you can. Now, stick your tongue out so that you feel your chin and neck tightened. Hold out your tongue, count till 10 and then relax. Repeat 10 to 15 times.

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2. Kiss the ceiling

With your arms resting on your sides, tilt your head back and look at the ceiling. Now, pucker your lips until you feel your chin stretching, while still looking at the ceiling. Your neck and chin will feel the stretch and tightening. Hold for five seconds and then relax the lips and lower your chin. Start by repeating it 15 times, and then increase the number as you get into a routine. 

3. The fishy face

Another very easy facial exercise is the fish face. Suck in the insides of your cheeks to form a fish-like face. Your chin should feel the strain. Hold this position for 10 seconds and release. Repeat this five times. This exercise not only reduces double chin, but also helps tone the muscles of the lips and cheeks, and gives your face a sculpted look.

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4. Stretch and tilt

Stick your lower lip out as much you can and place your finger on your chin. The skin on your chin should feel wrinkled. Hold this contraction for one second, and then with your lips sticking out, contract your muscles at the front of your neck.Then, slowly lower your chin to your neck as far as possible without rounding your upper back. Pause and hold for another second. Relax your lips and straighten your neck to return to your starting position. Do a set of 15.

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5. Scoop it out

This is a little tricky, so we suggest you do this exercise under the guidance of an instructor. Open your mouth and roll your bottom lip over your lower teeth. Imagine that you need to scoop water with your lower jaw. Move your head down in a scooping motion and close your mouth while lifting your head. While doing this exercise, make sure that the corners of your lips are completely relaxed. Repeat this five to eight times.

Here's a demo of some of the exercises you can do.

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Going natural is the best way to get rid of excessive fat anywhere on your body, be it the face, belly, arms or thighs. We really hope these easy-peasy exercises prove helpful for you!

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