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Get Rid Of That Double Chin With Just 3 Simple Exercises!

POPxo Team

POPxo Team

Double chins are anything but a girl’s best friend. In fact, even makeup has a hard time concealing it. Which is why we all need to have a good way of keeping that chin trim! Pay attention to our 3 easy-peasy exercises to shape your chin up like a pro. So, ladies, are you ready? This super video will show you just how!  

What you need: Just yourself!

Difficulty Level: You barely have to lift a finger!

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Exercise #1: Kiss The Ceiling

This particular exercise is wayyy easier than you think. It’s simple and effective at the same time. Here’s how to nail it.

Step 1 - Keep your arms hanging at the sides

Step 2 - Now, tilt your head back so that you’re looking at the ceiling.

Step 3 - Try to kiss the ceiling by puckering your lips.

Step 4 - Hold for 5 seconds. Relax your lips and lower chin.

Step 5 - Return to the starting position.

Number of Times To Practice - 15.

Exercise #2: Stretch And Tilt

You can either sit or stand for this exercise. No matter what method you choose, the results will be the same.

Step 1 - Stick out your lip as far as you can.

Step 2 - Place your finger on your chin and make sure it feels wrinkled and puckered.

Step 3 - Hold this position for one second.

Step 4 - Then, with your lips still out, contract the muscles and slowly lower your chin.

Step 5 - Hold for a second and come back to the initial position.

Number Of Times To Practice - 15

Exercise #3: Stick Your Tongue Out!

An exercise like this one is fun and easy! Trust us, you’ll want to keep doing more and more of it once you master it.

Step 1 - Open your mouth as wide as you can.

Step 2 - Now, stick your tongue out as far as you can.

Step 3 - Hold your tongue old and count till 10.

Step 4 - Relax and come back to your first position.

Number Of Times To Practice - 15

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Published on Dec 11, 2015
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