How Much Sex Do Married Couples Really Have... 10 Couples Reveal The Truth!

How Much Sex Do Married Couples Really Have... 10 Couples Reveal The Truth!

"Oh! You're married? Wow man, you must be getting so much action, no?" I can bet anything to the fact that almost every married person has heard this statement casually directed at them at one point or the other. Be it their unmarried friends, cousins, colleagues or even just acquaintances at work. It's very conveniently assumed that since they are married, they must be having a lot of sex and on an everyday basis! But how much truth is there to the statement really? We set to find on Quora and the varied answers just blew our minds. So, here's the verdict guys. Read on...

1. Okayyy then!

"Before marriage? Everyday! Even twice or thrice a day at various places - in the car, college classrooms, library, restrooms, hostel, lawns etc. It's fun when you know it's not allowed. After marriage, the number went down to twice or thrice a week, but we still enjoy it a lot. We try out different things such as poses from Kamasutra and doing it in risky places just like we used to do earlier. Sex is good fun!"

2. Before kid, after kid!

"8 or more months ago, before my son was born, my wife and I were doing sideways business at least once a day, often multiple times a day. No, it wasn't to get pregnant either. That part just happened, despite being 'careful'. Now, it has gone down to three or four times a week."

3. Ageing like wine...

"You know what they say about age? That the more you age, the slower and less energetic you become. Well, for some people it isn’t quite true. I’ve always had a good sexual appetite and 24 years after being sexually active, it still remains strong. Like House Tyrell. Growing Strong.

I have sex almost three to four times a week on an average. Sometimes it’s more and there are times when it is less, but the intensity and the drive has remained the same, if not increased. Of course, it goes without saying that doing it in certain positions has become difficult, but I try to make it work. Yoga and working out helps to keep your body fit."

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4. A daily dose of love...

"Almost every day, unless sick. Sometimes twice a day. I and my husband are very active in our relationship, and sex, food and travel indulgement all go hand in hand. Even the most generic day for us usually goes like this - three meals a day, one episode of House of Cards, a little bit of self-improvement, a little bit of exercise and a daily dose of love after waking up and before going to sleep."

5. Therapeutic sex!

"Twice daily. Once in the morning, after waking up. I love morning sex. What I love even more is waking my husband up by turning him on. It helps us start our day the best way possible *wink*.

And then we usually have sex in the night. It helps us relieve tension and have a peaceful sleep."

6. When the Mrs. talks...

"My wife decided many years ago that what she wanted was for us to make love once each day and she prefers mornings. We have done this for more than ten years. This is OUR normal, it might not be everyone else’s normal. But well, it works amazingly for us!"

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7. Age takes its toll!

"I got married at 30, and I'm 54 years old now. We used to have sex six or seven times a week when we were newly married, then in our 40s, it went down to five or six times a week. These days it is nearly four times a week. But, we wish we did it more often!"

8. Bring it on, boy!

"I am newly married. So naturally, my husband and I have a good appetite for sex. On working days, we do it once or twice. On holidays, it goes up to four or maybe five times in a day. It's all about me and my husband getting in the mood for sex at the same time, and whenever that happens, we get it on!"

9. Whenever, wherever!

"As often as possible, based on our schedules. I feel that once or twice a day to every other day is fine. We never really plan, but it's great that our sex drives match each other. If you don’t have the same or close to the same sex drive then you shouldn’t get married to your partner. I believe intimacy plays a big role in a happy marriage and if it’s lacking then you basically have a roommate."

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10. When time allows...

"It depends on the couple obviously, and the environment. Ideally, we do it whenever the option to do so arises, and there are no children to deal with or other reasons which prevent it. So daily, when possible, and weekly if we plan our life right around the aforementioned obstacles."

Whoa! Mind officially blown, right?

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