7 Ways for Newly Married Couples to Make Their First Week Super *Sexy*!

7 Ways for Newly Married Couples to Make Their First Week Super *Sexy*!

After a grand wedding celebration, it’s time to sit back and relax in all your ‘newlywed’ glory. With the man of your dreams in your arms, there is surely no where else that you would rather be! So dim the lights and let the romance unleash with our seven sex ideas that’ll surely make EVERY night of the first wedding week super sexy!

Sex Idea 1. Play Dress Up

Now that you’re ‘officially’ together, we say, you celebrate the most awaited night with some aplomb. Excite him a little by seducing him in the sexiest of your lingerie. Suspenders and corsets should be welcome!

Sex Idea 2. Netflix and Chill

There is nothing more romantic for a newly married couple than having a bit of a ‘sexy time’ while watching one of your favourite movies cuddled up in bed. A sensuous movie on netflix in the background, with a dim light setting would really do the trick.

2 first wedding week

Sex Idea 3. Blindfold Game

Let your senses experience the joys of being in love by playing an edgy peek-a-boo as a sex game after marriage. Get him in the bedroom, all blindfolded and let him solve the mystery of finding you. Oh, and no cheating allowed!

Sex Idea 4. Shower Surprise

Being a newly married couple is a celebration of a lifelong romance. So we suggest, you surrender all your emotions and indulge in a steamy shower together. The rest, as they say, is history!

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Sex Idea 5. Ease Into Your Fantasies

We all have wild fantasies, don’t we? So while you exchange sweet nothings with your partner during sex after marriage in your bedroom, we advise you own it up in style! From being Jessica Rabbit to a sexy Cleopatra, it is all possible!

Sex Idea 6. Have a Pre Sex Routine

While foreplay is important, it is equally important to create a romantic setting that eases you into the most exciting night of your life. An indulgent massage therapy along with scented candles and chocolates would surely set the mood for a newly married couple.

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Sex Idea 7. Fancy It Up

How wonderful would it be for a newly married couple to go in for a fancy ‘wine and dine’ session in a hotel that touches the edge of the skyline? Hint: Do check-in after!

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