10 Super Hot Challenges For Every Newly Married Couple!

10 Super Hot Challenges For Every Newly Married Couple!

You’ve just been married and everything in the same old world seems new – from your room to your wardrobe to even your relatives. While you’re living the best months of your life right now, might we suggest these 10 fun and hot challenges for you to try? Rest assured, they’ll leave you with hilarious memories and amusing tales to tell…

1. Do her makeup.

We know how protective women are of their makeup. Especially when it’s brand-new, delicious-looking and expensive – the kind all girls buy for their trousseau. Would you then let your immature husband come near it? Would you let him use it to do your makeup? *gasps*  

2. Plan to reduce 3/5/10 kilos together.

All the dinner parties and date nights have gone straight to the tummy and even regular sex can’t seem to burn off the tiny tyre that’s forming right below the tee. Why not promise to shed it off in a stipulated time together, by doing something neither of you have tried before, say zumba or swimming or maybe yoga?

2 - fun

3. Walk on the ocean floor, together.  

Take walking hand-in-hand to the next level by swimming down to the ocean floor and walking on it with your partner. Imagine being under water, admiring the coral reef and feeding them little fishes with your hand! It’s a thrilling adventure that will shoot your adrenaline levels through the roof.

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4. Have sex in your parents’ bedroom.

Just because your hormones are raging and you’re almost always horny and doing it in your parents’ bedroom will always remind you of how naughty you were when you were newly married.  

4 - fun

5. Shave his beard.

This challenge can get bloody, we know, but not if you follow his instructions and are extremely careful with the blade. What can we say, some people find thrill in all things dangerous!

6. Hike and live in a camp, away from civilisation.

You must have been on a luxurious vacay on your honeymoon already. Why not try something off- beat, then, while you’re still young and healthy to take on long treks, harsh climates and even uncomfortable journeys? We love how this couple lived in an igloo and went glamping. Take inspiration from them and have the journey of a lifetime.

6 - fun

7. Drape her sari.

Imagine standing in your blouse, waiting for him to wrap you up in a sari. How very sensuous is that, huh? Plus, it’ll finally force him to learn how to drape a sari and the next time you get dressed into one, he’d be able to give you a hand with it.  

8. Have sex without touching each other with your hands.

Get imaginative and use your toes, your mouth or whatever else it is that you can think of to have sex, but keep your hands to yourself. It’ll drive both of you crazy with excitement and make it a night to remember.

8 - fun

9. Join Kizomba classes and compete for chemistry with other couples.

Haven’t heard of Kizomba? It’s the newest dance form on the block, and the sexiest ever, might we add. You’re supposed to cling on to your partner without letting so much so as air pass between you two, and perform your dance throughout in this position. Learning this dance form will spark flames further between you two and leave you hot and restless. Plus looking at yourselves dance around like that later – what a huge turn on!

10. Babysit your niece/ nephew for a day and night.

You may feel like you know everything there is to know about one another, but along comes a baby and you see a side to your partner that you never knew existed. Babysitting a child together can bring you closer in many ways and maybe give you an insight into just how ready (or not!) you are to have one of your own. Whatever the result, it’ll be a fun challenge to do.

10 - fun

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