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21 Naughty Things To Whisper In His Ear And Turn Him On!

21 Naughty Things To Whisper In His Ear And Turn Him On!

Do you also end up mumbling words in the name of dirty talk? Want to whisper sexy things in his ears before you go all the way, but don’t know how to? Fret not, we’ve got you covered for all such moments. Now you can use any of these 21 sexy things to say to him and turn a normal date into a hot and sizzling one! *Wink*

1. ‘I’ve been waiting for this the whole day.’

1 sexy things to say

2. ‘I got turned on the minute I saw you walk in the door.’

3. ‘Let’s start tonight with polite conversation and move on to impolite bedroom antics!’

3 sexy things to say

4. ‘Did you know that you are incredibly sexy?’

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5. ‘You make me think such dirty thoughts!’

5 sexy things to say

6. ‘Don’t stop looking at me, it’s turning me on!’

7. ‘My dress will look better after you take it off!’

7 sexy things to say

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8. ‘Did you know your *insert body part* really turns me on?’

9. ‘I had a really hot dream about you last night…’

9 sexy things to say

10. ‘I can’t wait for what we’ll do later tonight. Also, I am not wearing any underwear right now.’

11. ‘You have a great body.’

11 sexy things to say

12. ‘I have a surprise for you tonight, but you’ll have to undress me to find out what it is.’

13. ‘I can’t wait for us to be alone!’

13 sexy things to say

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14. ‘I want to feel your arms around me.’

15. ‘Tonight we’re going to *insert something he has been dying to try out*’

15 sexy things to say

16. ‘Tell me where you want me to touch you right now.’

17. ‘Can you guess what colour underwear I am wearing today?’

17 sexy things to say

18. ‘I am going to walk to the washroom, make sure you check me out from behind!’

19. ‘If we were not in public right now, I would be all over you.’

19 sexy things to say

20. ‘Tell me what you want to do to me after this date…’

21. ‘Come see me in five minutes. I’ll be waiting…naked.’

21 sexy things to say

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