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Dirty Talks For Boyfriend in Long Distance Relationship

60 ‘Dirty Talk’ Texts To *Tease* Your Boyfriend With!

Whether you’re both sitting in different corners of the same room or are doing long-distance miles away in different cities, or if you’re just missing him wherever you are, the right text message from you can build a lot of anticipation! Start by dropping a few dirty talk texts message, impromptu, and then go with the flow. Wondering what to say? Scroll below.

Dirty Flirty Texts Messages For Him In Long Distance Relationship

When sending those dirty talk texts, just be yourself – incorporate inside jokes, personal memories and details from your favourite sexual encounters of the two of you together. These dirty talks and sweet nothings do go a long way towards making your real encounters much more meaningful! Here are 60 dirty text messages for long distance relationship that will have him flying his way to you, ASAP.

1. ‘I’m imagining what it would be like if you were here with me right now…’

dirty talk phrases

2. ‘‘I bought new panties. Want to see?’’

3. ‘My legs are missing you in between them!’

4. ‘I had a naughty dream last night and guess who was in it?’

dirty message for him long distance

5. ‘Have I told you how hot it is when I feel you on top of me?’

6. ‘I just got up and now I have this uncontrollable urge to kiss you long and hard.’

7. ‘I’m out for lunch and…I’m not wearing any underwear!’

dirty talk phrases for long distance

8. ‘I can’t stop thinking about some very, very dirty things… Can you help me?’

9. ‘My ceiling is so boring, I wish I could see you on top of me instead!’

10. ‘Would you like to guess what I’m wearing right now?’

dirty talk phrases for long distance relationship for him

11. ‘I’ve been thinking long and hard about what I will do the next time I see you…’

12. ‘If I was next to you tonight and you had three wishes, what would they be?’ *Wink*

13. ‘You make me feel so wet between my thighs!’

13 dirty talk text message

14. ‘I’m watching this dirty video online and it’s making me so hot!’

15. ‘Gosh, it’s been getting so hot. Hold on, let me take my clothes off…’

16. ‘Do you have any idea how bad I want you right now?’

16 dirty talks phrases for boyfriend

17. ‘I don’t usually say this out loud but you’re just so sexy…’

18. ‘Do you think I have panties on right now ?’

19. ‘What are you doing after work? I need some of you ASAP!’

dirty sexting for him long distance

20. ‘Did you know that you smell good enough for me to practically devour you ?’

21. ‘Hungry for tonight?’

22. ‘I can’t stop thinking about what you did to me last night, and how utterly good it made me feel.’

dirty things to say to your boyfriend long-distance

23. ‘I need your body next to me tonight. Get here soon!’

24. ‘I can only think of one thing right now, and it’s you and me, together, on my bed.’

25. ‘I can’t possibly imagine sharing you with anyone, for you’re so freaking hot!’

dirty text messages for her long distance

26. ‘You make me so utterly crazy that I cannot possibly stand it!’

27. ‘I want to share every inch of my body with you!’

28. ‘The first thought I had on waking up this morning was of how amazing last night had been!’

29. ‘Even though I haven’t seen you in a really long time, I can still remember your body like it was yesterday!’

30. ‘Let’s make love in front of a mirror next time so that I can see you doing it to me!’

31. ‘I wish I could have you right now, at this very instant.’

32. ‘I like licking you!’

33. ‘It makes me go wild when you pull my hair.’

34. ‘Literally, just come here so that I can cover you with bite marks and hickeys.’

35. ‘I’m always in the mood for you.’

36. ‘Touch yourself and think about me.’

37. ‘You make me want to sin.’

38. ‘I loved seeing you in those briefs last night.’

39. ‘Do you think I would look better in a bralette or a cami?’

40. ‘I had the wildest dream last night, and guess what, you were in it!’

41. ‘I can’t stop thinking about last night.’

42. ‘I’m excited about our date tonight, you’ll love what I’ve got planned for you!’

43. ‘Even though last night was our first time, I’m already addicted to you!’

44. ‘What are you up to later? Can I drop by for a quickie?’

45. ‘I don’t like sitting here at work when I could be home making love to you.’

46. ‘I just thought of a new position that we could definitely give a try!’

47. ‘I miss feeling your hands all over me.’

48. ‘I want to mark you as mine, and I have sharpened my nails!’

49. ‘You’re going to scream my name tonight.’

50. ‘Tonight will be all about pleasure and pain!

51. ‘I am going to bring out the animal in you, tonight!’

52. ‘You want to know what I can’t stop thinking about?’

53. ‘I am all alone, thinking about you caressing me, wishing you were here’

54. ‘Remember that time at the hotel?’

55. ‘I’ve always wanted to do it in a car…’

56. ‘Want to play a game with me? I’ll be tied and you’ll make the rules.’

57. ‘How about we skip dinner and you can eat me instead?’

58. ‘I miss you… on top of me!’

59. ‘I’m going to give you two dirty choices and it’s not going to be easy for you to choose’

60. ‘Come. Here. Now.’

There is absolutely no limit when it comes to sending dirty talk text messages to your partner in long distance! Once you use any of these lines, your conversation with them is sure to take its own leaps, racing their mind into sexual overdrive!

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10 Feb 2022

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