11 Facts About Sex That We Bet Will *Blow* Your Mind!

11 Facts About Sex That We Bet Will *Blow* Your Mind!

Sex is a topic that has endless facts. Some fun and some, umm, not so much! And no matter how much you think you know, you still be surprised at some amazing facts. Whether or not you're sexually active, we believe that there are things you need to be well versed with. Well, because, knowledge is power! While we all know the basics of sex, here is a list of facts that we bet you didn't know. Read on to know what they are. 

1. Your vagina is an optimistic organ.

A female vagina is 2-3 inches long but expands to 200 percent when a woman is sexually aroused.

sex facts that will blow your mind inside 1

2. Orgasms are good for health.

In men, orgasms reduce the risk of prostate cancer and in women, it reduces the risk of a heart disease and breast cancer. 

3. Sex helps in relieving stress.

It also helps in having a better heart rate, relieves menstrual cramps and relieves anxiety by raising the endorphin levels.

4. The smell of pumpkin acts like an aphrodisiac. 

It helps in the blood flow travel to your private parts causing you to feel aroused.

sex facts that will blow your mind 2

5. You can achieve an orgasm via your nipples.

It's called 'nipplegasm' and happens to those women who are sensitive to touch in that area.

6. 30 minutes of active sex will help you lose 150 calories.

You know what you should be doing to burn 'em up, right?

7. Sex can lead to a regular period cycle.

Regular sex = no more irregular periods. Okay? Okay.

sex facts that will blow your mind 3

8. Sex gives you glowing skin and reduces skin issues.

No acne and a flawless complexion plus lots of sex. What else do you need?

9. Men can fake orgasms too.

It's not just a thing women do anymore! *sigh*

10. The best time to have sex is after a workout.

Your body releases endorphins right after a workout and which is why it is the best time to indulge in a sexual intercourse as the blood flow to your genitals is the max at this time!

sex facts that will blow your mind 4

11. Sex can help you fight a common cold and headache.

Common cold and headaches can be easily cured with sex. It boosts your immune system and helps you fight these seasonal bugs!

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