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Access Secrets: 20 Reasons Why Boys Love Boobs!

Access Secrets: 20 Reasons Why Boys Love Boobs!
Ladies, you know that us guys love boobs. And you might even have thought that we're kind of obsessive about them. That the amount of time and thought the man in your life devotes to your breasts is perhaps illogical. Nah-uh. Not true. At all. There are some pretty solid reasons behind why do men like breasts - here's us listing out just twenty of them!

1. They're very good-looking.

Like, seriously. No matter the exact shape or size, they look bloody amazing. And we appreciate beauty in all its forms.   1 why guys love boobs

2. Cleavage, duh.

Even when we can't see them because they're all hidden under clothes, that hint of cleavage is enough to make their presence felt. And set our temperatures rising.

3. They make even the most boring piece of clothing look awesome.

You think that baggy grey tee makes you look blah. We just can't get over how the material drapes so easily, so comfortably across your boobs. 3 why guys love boobs

4. They're largely responsible for those bits of fabric you call lingerie making an appearance in our lives.

No wonder your bras cost so much. They have to deal with so much hotness all the time!

5. They're so responsive!

Ladies, us touching your breasts gives you pleasure - we, on the other hand, love how your nipples always show us the pleasure you're feeling. 5 why guys love boobs

6. They are very good to touch…

Best toys for our hands. We'd pick boobs over a PS3 controller any damn day.

7. And they're even better to taste!

That feeling when we can lick, nibble, taste? There's just one word for it: divine. 7 why guys love boobs

8. They have so many profiles…and all of them are amazing.

The way they sway slightly when you lean forward, the way they look all taut when you're stretching, the way they look all forward-facing and ready to take on the world when we look at you in side profile…sigh.

9. They feel pretty incredible against our bodies.

Soft yet firm. Part of the reason why we love hugging you, that is why boys like boobs! 9 why guys love boobs

10. Best pillow ever.

If you offered us a choice between a five-star hotel room pillow and being cushioned by your bosom, guess which one we'd pick?

11. We want most what we don't have.

That's just human nature, right? And the universe has blessed you in a way that it hasn't done for us. 11 why guys love boobs

12. The bounce factor…

Making you writhe in bed with so much pleasure that you moan and twist and your boobs move like they have a mind of their own - that's sex goals for every guy.

13. They come in a set of two!

Whoever said you can have too much of a good thing…definitely wasn't talking about boobs! 13 why guys love boobs

14. Press our ear close enough to them to listen to the ocean.

You heard me.

15. Sculpt them.

Again, because they are a work of art -  you can sculpt them and turn them into some great bookends.

16. Hold them forever.

That’s our first instinct, just to hold them forever, really! Only if it was socially acceptable to walk in the street holding our girlfriend’s boobs, we would completely budge in!

17. Motorboat them.

Now we know it might not feel very good for you but we love them and it feels really great to us. We want to do it anyway - like a deep, unresting desire that exists in all, us men!\

18. Treat them like a sexy hoop.

We just know how happy it makes us to aim M&M’s into your cleavage. It’s incredibly satisfying!

19. Boob jobs.

Need we say more?

20. They're your boobs.

And we love you. 15 why guys love boobs Images: Shutterstock, Tumblr