List of moves that guys love in bed

List of moves that guys love in bed

Imagine losing yourself in the comfort of his powerful arms and kissing him like it’s your last day on earth, pulling him closer to your body and feeling your fingers slide through his hair. We totally got you thinking of that special someone in your life, didn’t we? Don’t stop there! Let’s keep the heat going, as we bring you the tried and tested moves for flirting in bed to get him riled up for a wild night!

1. The sly reveal

A little peek-a-boo with your partner can turn the heat up in the bedroom in a snap. Make good use of your buttoned shirts and tops with plunging necklines for flirting in bed with your man. Show just a hint of cleavage to give him a peek of what’s going to follow.

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2. Snug and taut

One simple rule: the closer the fabric to your skin, the sexier it is for men. Allow his fingers to run through all your curves and edges, and stock up on all kinds of sheer and satin lingerie that fit your body like a glove. A treat for his eyes and his passion!

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2 moves in bed - snug lingerie

3. Be the boss

This has to be the guy's favourite flirty move in bed by the girl. A woman in charge is a turn-on like no other. Make the first move, lean in first for the kiss, take his hands and direct him to the parts of your body you want to be touched, and undress him before he even makes his first move. You can thank us later!

4. Whisper all things dirty

Even if you’re out in public, pull him close and whisper all the naughty things you will be doing to him in your bedroom, and watch his imagination go wild with anticipation. The trick is to keep up the intensity right up until you actually get down to it. That ought to keep him thinking about you all day!

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4 moves in bed - whisper dirty talk

5. Use your mouth

Because it’s capable of the sexiest ways of flirting in bed! Blow gently when you’re close to his ears, nibble playfully on his earlobes, place small kisses on his back, and trail your tongue over his lips without going all in for the sexual pleasure.

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6. Let your hands do the talking

Subtle moves that go seemingly unnoticed can often be the most exciting. Casually run your fingers through his hair, or let your hand nonchalantly rest on his knee and graze it sensually through the length of his thigh. Even letting your palm cup his face, and carefully tracing his lips with your fingers will send tingles of pleasure through him.

6 moves in bed - do things with your mouth

7. Sweet nothings

Men LOVE to hear about how good they are to you. Tell him how much you love it when he makes you blush, how his strong arms make you feel protected from the world, and how kissing him makes you wish it wouldn’t end. Make them feel wanted, sit back, and watch them pamper you like a queen in bed!

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So now, you are well-versed with all the moves that guys love in bed.Go get all his attention now!

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