#HeSays: What Guys Think When Girls Take Charge During Sex!

#HeSays: What Guys Think When Girls Take Charge During Sex!
You ladies already know that guys find it extremely hot when a woman takes charge in bed. But do you have any idea what's going through our minds when you actually decide to do it? Well, here's that mystery solved!

1. "Wait, WHAT?"

“Have I walked into the wrong room by mistake?!”

2. "Ooooh, NICE!"

“I’m so excited to try this. It’s new...and kinky!”

3. "I'm still a bit confused, though."

“What brought this on? Is it Christmas? Or my birthday?”

3 girls take charge

4. "She looks mad. Why is she mad?"

“Wow, she looks hot when she's mad AND half-naked.”

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5. "Oh, she's just really horny."

“AND she looks hot when she's horny and half-naked.”

6. "Whoaaa, this is so HOT."

“Even hotter when she's fully naked…”

6 girls take charge

7. "Wait. Is she going to spank me with the belt she just took off?"

“She's not dropping it and she's not saying anything…”

8. "Uh. Do I want her to spank me?"

“How do I not know the answer to this?!”

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9. "Wow, I never knew she was this strong."

“Does she work out? She has some serious arm strength!”

9 girls take charge

10. "Okay, now she's just teasing me."

“Whyyyyyy is she not just doing what I clearly want her to be doing right nowww?!”

11. "WHY don't we do this more often?"

“No, really, why? This was AWESOME!”

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