10 Sneaky & Steamy Kissing Tricks That’ll Make Him Want *More*

10 Sneaky & Steamy Kissing Tricks That’ll Make Him Want *More*

A great kiss paves the way for better and hotter things when you’re with bae and isn’t that just the best thing ever? Here are 10 little but extremely effective kissing tricks that’ll take your make out game to another level! With these tricks under your sleeve, you can totally give him a sexy surprise, girls!

1. Be Kiss Ready

The first and foremost thing is to be kiss ready. Nobody likes to feel rough, chapped lips when they are kissing you or find out that you have bad breath. Start with putting some lip balm and chew a gum before you kiss him!

1 kissing tricks

2. Start Out Slow

Ladies, relax! Don’t be in a rush, because, really there is no need to be. Start out slow and figure out what works well for both of you. Kissing involves two people and both of you should decide the pace you want to set.

3. Use Your Hands Well

Your hands, if used well, can elevate the kissing experience and take it to another level! Don’t be awkward with those hands or let them just hang by your side. Gently caress his hair or run your fingers down his spine to get him a lil’ more excited!

4. Explore Around

Who says a good kiss is only limited to his lips? Tease him a little bit by kissing along his jawline or trail a line of kisses along his neck in between. That’ll just make him want you more and not stop!

4 kissing tricks

5. Some Tongue Action

How you use your tongue can make or break the kiss. Remember, it’s a kiss and not a licking competition. While everyone loves a little tongue action, you don’t want your kiss to be only about that, know?

6. Nibble A Lil’

Just slightly nibble his lower lip or softly graze your teeth against his ear lobe. That’ll turn him on. But please be careful to not bite him too hard and ending up hurting him!

7. Switch Up Your Head Position

This is an obvious one but a trick that you need to remember- instead of taking him head on, tilt your head a little to the side while kissing him! You can keep switching your head as things start to get hot!

7 kissing tricks

8. Be Spontaneous

Once in a while, surprise him! Kiss him while you’re in the middle of a conversation or when he’s least expecting it. Unexpected kisses really are the best ones and they’ll let him know just how much you love and want him!

9. Spell It Out

Don’t be silent the whole time. Moan a little while kissing him or murmur appreciative words into his ear between the kiss. Give him that appreciation and whisper lil’ somethings to keep him going.

10. Eye Contact Please!

Nothing is more expressive than your eyes when you both want to tell each other how it feels to be at that spot right then. Take short breaks between kisses to breathe and use these breaks to make eye contact!

10 kissing tricks

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