10 Not-So-Obvious Flirting Tips For EVERY Girl!

10 Not-So-Obvious Flirting Tips For EVERY Girl!
When characters in movies flirt with each other, it looks so effortless... But when we have to do the same in our lives, things are very different. We just can’t seem to get it right. Don’t fret, girls, if you've been eyeing that cute boy but not being able to figure out a way to enchant him, then these flirting tips for every girl will be your knights in the shining armour!

1. Pick your song

You know what sets the mood just right? A good song. Play it while you’re getting ready and shake the stress off so that you feel confident when you see him. Nothing’s sexier than a confident woman who knows her thing! Also, this will make your time with him flow super smoothly. 1 Flirting tips for every girl

2. Keep some mints in your bag

Nope, it’s not what you think it is. Even though it’s a must for your breath to be fresh when you’re around him, mints are officially the best icebreakers in the world. Don’t believe us? Next time there’s an awkward silence for no reason, pop a mint and ask, ‘Want one?’ This will automatically trigger a casual conversation. Promise!

3. Be who you are

If you try to be someone you’re not then you won’t be able to fake it for too long. Bad idea! Conversations with him will go well only if they’re real. So shed that barrier and let him get to know the real you. This will help you both connect on a more personal level! 3 Flirting tips for every girl

4. Touch him, but only to tease

Place your arm on his thighs when you are sitting next to him or touch him ‘accidently’ when you reach out to get something. These are some subtle hints that can make you look like you’re interested. And while they might be subtle, they're very, VERY memorable.

5. Let your eyes do the talking

Women have this power of being able to have a conversation with their eyes. Trust us, if you can do it with your bestie, you can do it with him! Look around and then look at him and smile through your eyes. Let him know you’re into him. But don’t constantly stare at him, that might freak him out. Look away sometimes and make him curious. Works all the time! 5 Flirting tips for every girl

6. Listen!

Guys like girls who can listen to them when they’re talking… Just like girls do! And especially when they talk about things they’re passionate about. Show that you’re interested in what he is saying. This is one trick that works without any effort!

7. Appreciate his little actions

Appreciate the way he dresses up or the shoes that you probably think are new. You know what’s even better? Tell him what looks good on him. Guys love to get a girl's opinion on what to wear. This will also give you a common topic to start a conversation. If he wears what you suggest, then there is a little hint you must take, ladies! 7 Flirting tips for every girl

8. Smile at him when you’re in a group

When you guys are in a group, you might not get time to interact one-on-one much. This is when you have to make the most of things. Smile at him right in the middle of a random conversation. This will initiate an eye-to-eye conversation between the two of you!

9. Smell good, always

The best way to turn a man on is by smelling good all the time. It’s true - if you smell good, you’re automatically twice as attractive to the opposite sex. Ask him what kind of fragrances he likes and use it as a special-occasion scent. He will know you’re listening to him and what's better than enticing him with a kind of fragrance he suggested?! *Wink* 9 Flirting tips for every girl

10. Not just a normal goodbye!

Make sure you lean in and gently kiss him on his cheek when you’re leaving. And don’t just leave it at that. When he drops you off, turn around and smile flirtatiously. There is nothing more romantic (and filmy) than ‘palat’. Drop him a cute text when you get back home. He will know that you’re thinking of him even when you're not with him. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr