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Here Are India’s Most Instagrammed Cities Of 2017

Here Are India’s Most Instagrammed Cities Of 2017

The closer that I get to the end of December, the more I am reminded by people, places, and promotions that the year 2017 is officially about to end. With end-of-year sales already making an appearance at all my favourite online websites, season’s greetings floating by every shop and store, and of course the winter chill settling into the air around me, I don’t have a choice but to accept that 2017 is indeed, dying a little bit every day.

But of course, this also means we have tons of #Throwback and #Flashbacks to look forward to, especially on social media. Instagram, in particular, has had a rather eventful year with the top hashtags being #love, #fashion, and #PhotoOfTheDay, with #photography and #TravelPhotography gaining momentum this year. How do we know this? All thanks to Instagram’s yearly insights, of course! We now have the data for the app’s yearly favourites such as most followed celebrities, largest number of followers, etc that has been accumulated through the year!

Keeping to the same theme, we now have stats for the most Instagrammed cities of 2017 in India, and lo and behold, New Delhi and Mumbai top the list at first and second place, respectively, with beautiful cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Pune trailing not far behind!

1. New Delhi



No surprises that our gorgeous capital city bagged the first pot on Instagram’s list! Majestic is such an understatement, don’t you think?

2. Mumbai


The City of Dreams has never failed to impress us with its charm, and what better city to inspire dreams than the one that truly never sleeps? (I may have personally contributed to the statistics by Instagram, TBH)

3. Bengaluru

India’s most tech-savvy hub still holds some of its old-world charms in nooks and corners of the city, with luscious greenery giving us #GoodVibesOnly, and staying true to its title of the Garden City.


4. Hyderabad

While ‘biryani’ is the first word that comes to my mind when I think Hyderabad, this gorgeous city still holds the charm of the years gone by, keeping its citizens grounded no matter what comes their way.

5. Pune

Pune, for me, is the beautiful cousin of Bombay that everyone wants to hang out with when the metropolis gets too chaotic for the soul. Calm, cool, and hella charming, the city is all things sugar and sweet!

6. Ahmedabad

The land where everyone can get the perfect mix of ancient relics, and modern architecture, served with a dollop of amazing cuisine and rich culture thrown in the mix!

7. Kolkata

The city that somehow has still managed to hold onto its treasured past, and is in no hurry to prove the naysayers wrong, any time soon! There is also no place I’d rather be, to get my annual pilgrimage to see durga ma at her absolute best!


8. Jaipur

The Pink City is one that can put every foreign destination to shame, when it comes to the most picturesque photos and forts that the eyes have ever witnessed!

9. Goa

Till date, perhaps the only destination in India that is renowned for having the most number of plans made in its honour, and for good reason! Would you look at how breathtaking that is?!

10. Surat

The food, the traditions, the people, and all the love – nothing beats the timeliness of the city of Surat!

How many of these places have you been to, and what was your Instagram feed like, in the year 2017? Let us know!

11 Dec 2017

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