Instagram Is Hella Addictive And We Finally Know Why!

Instagram Is Hella Addictive And We Finally Know Why!

Remember when Snapchat came out with its hilarious filters and you were hooked on it, for like a day! The concept that Snapchat had tapped into, of having ‘Stories’ that lasted for a 24-hour hour period, was definitely revolutionary. But in hindsight, it was Instagram that made it better by actually being able to monetize on it and at the same time, keeping its audience engaged! This has led to people being more addicted to Instagram than ever before with the platform boasting a number of 250 million daily active users.

Almost everybody and everything on the app has used the ‘Stories’ feature extensively. From celebrities and bloggers to businesses, everyone has a story up these days!

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The ‘Stories’ feature has helped the users on the app cater to the millennial generation with dynamic formats like ‘Boomerang’ and ‘Live Video’ that go way beyond the reaches of Snapchat's’ dog filters!

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The ‘Stories’ enable users to post relevant tagging for shout outs, ‘Swipe Up’ for shopping and/or further reading links, stickers indicating location, weather, mood and many other things. Instagram posts and stories have been trending on social media more than ever.

Brands are now showcasing their latest collections, celebrities are sharing personal moments and your friends, well they are as always being total goofs on the app!

No wonder the app has gotten enormous engagement over the past year, there is so much to do on there! Instagram has our love and loyalty for now and we can't wait to see what the app developers do to further improve upon it!

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