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8 Of The Hottest Moves That Will Turn Both Of You On… While Kissing!

8 Of The Hottest Moves That Will Turn Both Of You On… While Kissing!

While enough is said about sex and how to spice things up in bed, let’s not forget about making sure that the kissing is good. Well, not just good, but ah-mazing! A sizzling kissing session can lead to spectacular sex after all. But even if you’re not ready to have sex just yet, that doesn’t mean that you can’t blow each other’s mind with a saucy makeout sesh. We dish some tips and hot moves to try while kissing that’ll ensure that your lips are on his mind for much after. Read on and get ready to drive each other wild!

1. The Love Triangle

A great kissing technique to try to ensure things get hot and heavy. When you’re kissing each other on the lips, slowly move to tiny pecks on his cheek and then transition down to his neck and then back to his lips to complete the triangle. Don’t suddenly move to the next spot though, make the transition slowly with a naughty trail of playful pecks and licks. It’ll definitely be a major turn on for the both of you.

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2. The Alternating Game

Alternate between kissing his lower lip while he kisses your upper lip and vice versa. When you’ve been kissing for a few minutes, it’s a playful move to try. It’ll be like an intimate surprise for him.


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3. Don’t Ignore The Ears

The ears are one of the most sensitive spots in the body but are often ignored while making out. Gently caress his ears while you slowly kiss him. Take things up a notch further by focusing your kisses on his earlobes and outer ear and let him do the same. A little nibble here and a swift lick there is sure to drive you both wild. Just make sure to not use too much pressure, you don’t want to hurt each other of course.

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4. French Kiss The Right Way

Of course, no makeout sesh is complete without some lustful french kissing. But that doesn’t mean simply sticking your tongue down his throat and swirling it around. It’s much better to start things slowly. Stick your tongue out just a bit while kissing and gently caress his lips. He’s sure to get the point and will open his mouth a bit more and give you his tongue to play with it. It should be a mix of regular kissing and massaging his tongue and lips with yours. That’s the most sensual way to go about it.

5. Push Each Other Against The Wall

Of course, embracing while kissing is a given, but pushing your man up against a wall while kissing can stir things up further. Lean into him to keep him pushed up against it. This is a dominant move that is definitely going to wow him and turn him on. It’s just as hot as when he does the same to you. 

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6. Don’t Underestimate Eye Contact

Sure, you can try a number of things physically to drive each other wild, but there’s another way of showing him how you feel and it’s pretty simple. Make deep eye contact for a few seconds before you kiss him or even in between kisses to show him that you care for him or love him. It can get you an electrifyingly sensual reaction!


7. Be A Tease, Well Kind Of!

This is such a playful move to try. When you break apart for some air in between kisses, pull back slightly when he leans in for more so his lips can’t reach yours. Maybe even give him a flirty smile before planting one on him. Guys love challenges and your pseudo-teasing will definitely make him work harder.

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8. Just Be Tender And Passionate

There are no hard and fast rules for kissing, so you don’t necessarily have to follow each and every tip in this order like a rule book. Do what feels good and comfortable for you. Be passionate, enjoy yourselves and allow yourselves to get lost in the moment instead of getting worked up about what you should or shouldn’t be doing. That really is the best way to enjoy yourself and let the passion unfold.

We’re sure you’ve had these thoughts before a kiss, but the key is to not overthink it girl! Go on, pucker up and have fun. 


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10 Apr 2018

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