9 Surprising Sex Tips From... Men!

9 Surprising Sex Tips From... Men!

All women are basically goddesses but maybe even we could use some help? I went scouting for sex tips from the male point of view. What do men like? What would they appreciate more in bed? Do they like it gentle? Or should you go rough? I decided to find out by texting all my male friends! Skimming through the suggestions, I made a list of the top 10 sex tips, straight from the horse’s mouth.

1. Get On The Top

Take control of the situation and do it your way. Plus, as far as I’ve heard, the view is great when the woman is on top so why not give him a little bit of extra attention.

1 sex tips from men

2. No Teeth

Despite what porn would like you to believe, teeth and blowjobs spell disaster. When you go down on him, your lips and tongue work all the magic, with assistance from your hands of course.

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3. Tell Him What You Like

Women often hold back from talking to their partner during sex, but apparently, men get turned on when their partner talks dirty and get vocal about exactly what they want him to do.

3 sex tips from men

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4. Against The Wall

We all love the against-the-wall kissing that often leads to a lot more! But usually it is women who are pinned, well why not return the favour? Surprise him by cornering him the next time you begin making out.

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5. Waking Up To A Surprise

Literally, EVERY guy has had this on his list. Waking up to a blowjob is number one on the list of fantasies. And if that leads to some morning sex then it’s a double win!

5 sex tips from men

6. Tease Him

Men LOVE foreplay! Who knew, right? They love it when you tease them and make them wait for it. Strip really slow the next time you’re gearing up for some fun and we’re sure he’ll enjoy it.

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7. Be Spontaneous

“Mujhe jangli biliaan bahut pasand hain,” Remember? We should have taken the hint. Men love spontaneous and wild, so don’t hold back with the scratching and biting (JK), make sure he has agreed to it though.

7 sex tips from men

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8. Words Of Encouragement

If you aren’t very good at talking dirty and your imagination pretty much ends at “Oh Baby!” then just tell him that you like what he’s doing. Telling him that he’s found your spot and is giving you pleasure just encourages him to keep trying to get better!

9. Make Eye Contact

This can be a little tricky because you might end up looking like quite the stalker. So, maintain the right amount of eye contact, when he’s inside you, when you go down on him or when you’re stripping each other, eye contact can be super sexy if done right!

9 sex tips from men

Put them to good use!