Thoughts every girl has while kissing

17 Slightly Weird Thoughts EVERY Girl Has While Kissing!

Arya Khanna

Guest Contributor

Kisses are awkward and amazing. And even though you’ve aced the game, sometimes, you still find yourself consumed with weird thoughts while kissing him. Here are 17 Thoughts every girl has while kissing even if it’s your hundredth kiss!

1. *Before the kiss* ‘Do I really want to kiss him?’

Erm… Yes? Yes!

Thoughts every girl has while kissing 1

2. ‘Damn we are quite close to each other. It’s about to happen!’

You bet it is!

3. ‘Do I have the time to pop a gum? Okay, nevermind.’

Okay, no. Too late!

4. ‘I hope my breath smells okay.’

Happens to the best of us!

5. ‘What if there is food stuck in my teeth?’

OMG no!

Thoughts every girl has while kissing 6

6. ‘Am I a good kisser?’

Just went ‘hell yeaahh’ in my head!

7. ‘When is it time to involve the tongue?’

Oh… I think now!

8. ‘Is my lipstick still in place?’

Who cares? This kiss feels ah-mazing!

9. ‘Where do I put my hands?’

Only if you wish to take it to level two. *Wink*

10. ‘Eyes open or closed?’

This is just too good to relish with my eyes open.

Thoughts every girl has while kissing 10

11. ‘This is not my first time and I’m still nervous!’

But the butterflies were totally worth it!

12. ‘This feels so good, I can actually do this for hours.’

I may need a breather or two, though.

13. ‘How much tongue is too much tongue?’

There is no such thing as too much tongue!

14. ‘What if someone walks in on us right now?’

I hope it’s not mom!

15. ‘This slurping sound though!’

*Embarrassed* Wait, is he too?

Thoughts every girl has while kissing 15

16. ‘Can we take this to the bedroom?’

Well, why not?

17. *After the kiss* ‘Is it over already?’

Can’t wait to kiss him again!

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Published on Jun 05, 2017
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