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Champion The Champi: This Step-By-Step Guide To Oiling Hair Will Give You STUNNING Locks!

Champion The Champi: This Step-By-Step Guide To Oiling Hair Will Give You STUNNING Locks!

Let’s be honest: no matter how uncool it may seem, we’ve all seen fabulous results of the good old champi. Not only does it give you lovely, glossy hair, but oiling also boosts its overall health. It’s just not as simple as just applying oil in hair and washing it off after a while. To make the most of it, follow our step-by-step guide on how to oil your hair correctly and flaunt that gorgeous mane!


How To Put Oil In Hair

Step 1: Choose Your Oil/ Oils Carefully

We know that with so many oils out there, it’s can get confusing to pick one! Therefore, identify the your hair type and its needs to make a better decision. The more dense and hydrating oils are great for dry and damaged hair, whereas for fine hair, it’s best to go for lighter oils. Instead of always using the hot favourite Parachute 100% Pure Coconut Oil (Rs 56), have a look at this article which will help you pick the right oil for your hair type.

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Step 2: Amp Up The Heat

2 how to oil your hair

Hot oil always works better for a  scalp massage. Not only is it more relaxing, but it also opens up the hair follicles, making it easier for the oil to seep in all that moisture. Heated Bliss Of Earth Mustard Oil (Rs 235) has amazing antiseptic and nourishing properties – give it a shot!

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Step 3: Detangle Your Hair First

A nice and long massage can lead to quite a bit of hair breakage if the hair is not detangled beforehand. Make it a point to use the Roots Rosewood Fine Teeth Comb for Fine Long Hair (Rs 175) and comb out your hair just before you start with the champi.

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Step 4: Use A Cotton Ball For Application

4 how to oil your hair

Your nails can be harsh on the scalp and damage it. Dip a cotton ball – the Vega Cotton Ball (Rs 65) works fine. Dip a cotton ball into a bown of lukewarm oil and then apply it onto your scalp. Gently apply oil on your scalp first, and then massage it in using the tips of your fingers.

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Step 5: Use Your Fingertips For A scalp Massage

For massaging, use your fingertips, and not your palm. Make sure you massage your head gently, starting at the scalp. After 2-5 minutes, make your way to the length of your hair to ensure that the oil spreads from the roots to tips.

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Step 6: Wrap A Hot Towel On Your Mane

6 how to oil your hair

Steaming your oiled hair locks in the moisture. And ladies, a hydrated, well-moisturised scalp and hair look glossy and healthy. Dip a soft towel in hot water, wring the cloth till it isn’t drippy, and wrap it around your head for 7-8 minutes. The Calico Touch Jacquard Bath Towel (Rs 645) works well.

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Step 7: Steer Away From Hot Water Shampoos

After steaming your hair, it’s time for you to wash off that oil. Hot water can undo all the goodness of oiling so use tepid or lukewarm water to shampoo your strands. Skip the conditioner when applying a hair oil.

Follow this process and get ready for fabulous hair this season!

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02 Nov 2017

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