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10 Holi Hairstyles To Save Your Tresses From Balam’s Pichkaari

10 Holi Hairstyles To Save Your Tresses From Balam’s Pichkaari

My Holi hairdo features an oiled-up bun that sits right at the top of my head. But there’s nothing glamm about it. So I’m finally bidding adieu to the greasy top-knot because I’m going to step out with my gang this year.

Since we’ve already discussed pre and post-Holi skincare tips, I’m here with a list of practical and chic ‘dos that you can recreate this Holi. And they’re all celeb-approved. Check ’em out!

Bun Fun

Sonam Kapoor’s side-swept bun is on top of my list. This hairdo will protect your length from colour while keeping it chic. Just create a deep side part before starting. Twist the sides of your hair like Sonam. You can secure the braid with pins before tying the rest of your hair in a bun.

Basic Baddie

Athiya’s lazy-girl ‘do is perfect for keeping your hair out of your face while enjoying a Naina Talwar moment all at the same time. Part your hair in the middle and use colourful clips to secure it away from your face. Repeat on the other side if you’d like. You can use a serum on your hair to keep it silky smooth and maintain its natural texture.


Playful Pony


Like Kriti, sweep all of your hair back into a sky-high ponytail. Leave some face-framing chunks in the front. But don’t go overboard with the styling or the ‘do will lose its practicality.

Braided Fantasy

Braids are the best choice for Holi because they beautifully intertwine and save your locks from getting exposed to colours. Take a cue from Alia Bhatt as she puts an elegant spin on a regular braid by adorning it with a silver oxidised hair accessory. Spritz your hair with the St. Botanica Pro Keratin & Argan Oil Hair Nourishing Smooth Therapy Spray to smooth over your hair instantly.

Dominatrix Braids

Ananya Panday’s towering, tight ponytail braid is a front-runner for this festival because it will protect your mane from root to tip. Oil your hair or saturate your roots with hairspray and create a high ponytail. Then braid the ponytail and secure the ends.

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Arian Grande Who

A half-up hairstyle like Disha Patani’s will keep your scalp protected while letting your locks flow freely. Divide your locks in an upper and lower section and create a high ponytail with the top section. Fan out the ponytail for a more voluminous and playful look.

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Twisted Ponytail

If you’ve oiled your locks as a protective measure, create a textured ponytail like Malaika Arora to look utterly stylish. Create small sections that begin from your hairline and go all the way to your crown. Twist each of these sections and then tie them into a ponytail. Use the Organic Harvest Anti Dandruff Hair Oil Infused with Organic Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Oil to settle flyaways and protect your hair from damage.

Wind Down

Go classic with a touch of glamm like Kiara Advani as she sports a low braid that is adorned with a golden ribbon. To get the look, first oil your mane and create a low ponytail. Then tie a chain or golden ribbon at the base of the ponytail and begin braiding while incorporating the accessory in the braid.


Warrior’s Bun

Opt for a bun hairstyle because it’s both cute and damage-resistant. Gather your hair up high on your crown and roll it into a lazy bun. Let a few strands of hair frame your visage.

Looped In

A sleek hairdo like this one will do you many favours during the Holi colour play. Saturate your locks from root to tip with hairspray and create a low-looped bun. Make sure to wrap your hair ends around the hair tie for a seamless effect. The Bhringraj & Amla Hair Oil With Comb Applicator will form a protective layer over the mane without weighing it down. Just massage your hair with it before proceeding with the hairstyle.

That’s it. I’m still wondering which one of these to choose. But one thing is for sure. I’m not looking homeless this year.

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With these hairstyles in your arsenal, the Holi celebrations are going to be all fun with no downside for your hair game this year. 


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06 Mar 2023

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