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More Than Just Safe Sex: 10 Fun Facts About Condoms That We Bet You Didn’t Know!

More Than Just Safe Sex: 10 Fun Facts About Condoms That We Bet You Didn’t Know!

Condoms have been one of the first and most lasting methods of contraceptives in human history. They are made out of rubber or latex and act as a barrier between two people during sexual intercourse to prevent STDs or unwanted pregnancy. Most people who are practising safe sex use a condom for anal, oral or vaginal sex. So, it’s safe to say that we owe a lot to this incredible invention. But the first condom dates back to the 17th Century and was made out of animal skin. Interesting, right? Here are 9 more super interesting facts about condoms that will blow your mind!

Fun Facts About Condoms That Everyone Needs To Know

Read on to know some mind-blowing facts about condoms that will make you say “they should put that on the box”.

Condoms give you 10,000 times more protection from STDs and HIV


Well, that is as opposed to not wearing one at all. While there may be other forms of contraceptives like a birth control pill or other methods, none of them protect you from HIV or another sexually transmitted diseases. 

There is no possible medical reason to not use a condom

Even people with Latex allergies can use a condom that is Latex-free. And yes, they are as readily available in the market as the normal ones. So don’t believe that fuck boy when he says he ‘can’t’ wear one.

Condoms are tested with electricity

Once the condoms are made in a factory, they are tested with electricity to ensure there are no holes in it. This is done by every condom factory that exists. 

Condoms can live upto 4 years


Most condoms in the market can live up to 4 years. That is if they are stored in a cool, dry place during that time. However, most people don’t consider it safe to use a condom that is this old. 

Malaysia is home to the largest condom producing company in the world

Karex Berhad is a Malaysian condom manufacturer and owns one of the largest condom making companies in the world. It produces more than five billion condoms a year. This company also supplies condoms to brands like Durex.

Variety of materials were used to make a condom before latex was discovered

Ancient Egyptians used animal skin as condoms. Soon after that, fish skin, linen, and crocodile skin were being used to make condoms in the 17th Century.

One condom can hold upto 3 litres of water


On average, one condom can fully stretch to hold over 3 litres of water. How cool is that?

China has made the world’s thinnest condom

A company in China by the name of Aoni holds the Guinness World record for manufacturing the thinnest condom in the world.

Using a condom does not mean you won’t enjoy sex

Using a condom does not reduce the amount of pleasure you experience during sex. Most people who use a condom feel the same amount of pleasure as compared to the people who don’t.

A condom is the most inexpensive form of birth control


A condom is one of the most easily available and inexpensive forms of birth control that exists in the world. On average a single condom costs somewhere around 18 Rs per piece.

More reasons to start using one? We hope so!

Featured Image: Pexels

30 Jul 2020

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