I Tried 5 Types Of Condoms & Rated Them On A Scale Of 'Ah' To 'Aaaah'!

I Tried 5 Types Of Condoms & Rated Them On A Scale Of 'Ah' To 'Aaaah'!

Condoms are the best! They are the real MVPs of safe sex. But the truth is that they are the most under-appreciated part of sex. Nobody gives condoms the credit they deserve. After all, they are the heroes we need, but not the ones we deserve!

Personally, I am a huge fan of this method of birth control. Not only am I saying bye-bye to unwanted pregnancies about 97% of the time, I'm also keeping all possible STIs at bay. Woot woot! But, I've heard quite a few people use the excuse, "It doesn't feel the same with a condom on." I don't agree with that, because not being pregnant kinda, sorta, trumps pleasure. So, I decided to carry out an experiment for their sake. All I needed for this experiment were five types of condoms and a consenting partner (or as I call him otherwise, my boyfriend!)

So, here are my findings about five different kinds of condoms I used. Choose your pick, guys! Ain't no sex like safe sex, after all. Also, I've rated them on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being 'Ah' and 5 being 'Aaaaah'.

P.S. The pull-out method is a scam ladies, it is a SCAM! 

1. Mr Ordinary

This is the common, ordinary, everyday condom. And honestly, it doesn't get better than this. It's no-nonsense, doesn't make unrealistic promises or overcomplicate things. It simply does its job i.e. gives me a stress-free sex session. It had to be on the list because this is what all other condoms will be compared to. They better do their job well!

Score: 3 'Aaahs'

1 condoms rated

2. Savour The Flavour

I'm not a huge fan of these flavoured condoms. Honestly, they taste like shit. I'd rather go down on my man without a condom than with this 'flavoured' condom. It does not trick me into thinking I'm having strawberry gum. Yuck, bye!

Score: 1 'Ahs'

3. The Ones On A Diet

You know the ones advertised to make you forget you're actually using a condom because they're so thin? Well, they are pretty amazing! Only slightly better than the normal ones because they genuinely are so thin. The only con? Oh my god, they can be ripped so easily, so if you're putting them on during a session of crazy sex, you'll have to be extra careful!

Score: 3.5 'Aaahs' 

3 condoms rated

4. Are You 'Ribbed' Enough?

I'm sure you've heard somewhere 'ribbed for her pleasure'. So, these were the ones I picked up next. Can I say totally worth it? While I did hear from a friend that they did not do anything extra for her, for me, I could feel it all! Thank you sensitive vagina! 

Score: 4 'Aaaahs'

5. Extend The Pleasure

These are the ones I was really excited for! Like really! They are called 'extended pleasure' condoms and have a lubricant that helps control climax and prolong lovemaking. But they did nothing of the sort. My boyfriend did not need the extending. So, it was kind of a fail. It was just like a normal condom and since it DID NOT serve its purpose, it gets a really low score.

Score: 2 'Aahs'

5 condoms rated

Now that I'm done scoring these five, I also have to confess that nothing blew my mind, apart from my trusted boyfriend, he's great! Still looking for a condom that truly drives me crazy and I'm forced to rate it 5 'Aaaaahs'. Till then, to the bed, we head!

Images: Shutterstock, Giphy

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