#Intimacy: 7 Ways Regular Sex Brings Couples Closer Together!

#Intimacy: 7 Ways Regular Sex Brings Couples Closer Together!
Sex IS a big deal. Whether you are having it or not having it. That’s because it’s not just the physical act that two people engage in when they feel like, but it is rather like an unspoken language between you and your partner that communicates far more than people let on or would like to believe. If you are in a committed relationship and having regular sex with your partner, then you should know that sex is making you one hell of a couple! And, if you are yet to have it - then know that the wait will truly be worth it!

1. The Importance Of Intimacy

Right after you and your partner have sex, it feels like nothing can come between you two and that you’re basically one, right?! You’re not imagining this. There is an actual hormone that gets released in the body after sex that makes you feel closer to your partner! Oxytocin, cutely referred to as the cuddle hormone, actually works to build a stronger bond between the two of you!

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2. Bringing Sexy Back

Of course, the honeymoon phase of any relationship is filled with countless hours spent devouring one another’s bodies at the slightest opportunity - but after this phase ends, couples sometimes forget to revisit the sexy parts of their relationship. Plus, sex does make you and your partner feel young, excited and have a sense of adventure. (Yes, you can thank those hormones again for this - adrenaline, endorphins, oxytocin, the whole works!) So, change things up and remind each other how irresistible you found one another in the first place!

3. Breaking The Rut

We are all guilty of falling in to ruts from time to time - and as such our relationships can also suffer from the monotony of routine. Nothing shakes things up better than some spontaneity in the bedroom. Take time out of your busy day and carve in an hour to play around with your partner in the bedroom - it might just be what your relationship needs, and what YOU need to feel better about yourself. Remember, a happier lifestyle means a happier you, and a happier you means you’re putting your best foot forward in the relationship!

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4. Appreciation With A Capital A

Yes, there are a countless number of ways to show appreciation for your partner or have him appreciate you - cooking a romantic dinner, organizing a surprise night out with his mates, and the like. But you could also organize a night in - together, just the two of you. No phones, no emails, no outside world, and spend that time showing each other just how much you value each and every inch of them!

5. Practice Makes Perfect

Regular sex paves the way for experimentation between the sheets! Sure, sometimes we can all get a tad too adventurous and want to copy something we have seen in a movie or read in a magazine, and it can go err not exactly as planned! These little sex mistakes, after they have been laughed off by both parties, can actually bring a couple closer than ever before. This is because having sex just acts as another thing that you two do together- an experience, a memory that you have made- and when it comes to little bedroom errors- funny memories that you can laugh about!

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6. #Science

Studies have actually proved that sex is good for you! So having sex on a regular basis must be even better! Sex acts as a stress-buster - so whether you or your partner are having a stressful time at work or in life generally, taking a half an hour out and engaging in an activity that is sure to make you both feel better seems like a great solution! This way, you’re likely to get through stressful times together rather than feeling closed off and shut out from your partner.

7. Communication Is Key

There is something to be said about the unspoken language of love. Sex allows for you and your partner to communicate your needs to one another and take care of them without actually having to say a word. Sex, when you think about it, is an act in which both parties are equally vulnerable and naked, away from any barriers - so you can truly use it to drop down every guard between the two of you and communicate your desires to one another (while also fulfilling them!).

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