Food Sex Is Real & Here’s 10 Food Items To Try While Having Sex

Dessidre FlemingDessidre Fleming  |  Dec 1, 2017
Food Sex Is Real & Here’s 10 Food Items To Try While Having Sex


Really, the title of this story says it all. But, I’ll still elaborate. There’s a strong connection between food and sensory pleasure. It doesn’t just start from the taste buds, or in the stomach. It starts with the anticipation in the brain. The same goes for sex. So, imagine what would happen if you had to combine the two best things – food and sex, then. It would be sensational beyond belief. Not to mention, unforgettable, unbelievable, insurmountable. Honestly, I could go on. 

Does it get messy? Very.
Will you enjoy it? You bet your last penny, you will.
Would it taste better? That depends on your taste buds – the ones on your tongue, in your mind and in between your legs.

Here’s ten food items you can try in bed and during sex and well, just read.

1. Whipped Cream

It goes without saying that whipped cream tends to really shake things up between two people. Women love whipped cream, it’s an unsaid rule of food. And if you’re one of those who doesn’t exactly like giving him a blowjob because it makes you want to gag (it happens), whipped cream is actually one of your best friends.

image 1 unsplash

How To Use It: Start at the top, always. Spray some on the side of his neck and then lick it off. Repeat this on his chest, his navel and finally, on his penis. And then, let him do the same for you – your neck, your breasts, the belly button and finally, your clit. It’s going to party you wish never ends.

2. Condensed Milk

What I like about condensed milk – how it’s the perfect kind of sweet topping over your french toast or sweets. I tend to eat it straight out of the can, with a finger, or two, or three. I love how it just drips right off your fingers and down your lower lip. It looks like the most sexually charged attraction to food. So, why wouldn’t you add some sex to it?

image 2 unsplash

How To Use It: Exactly the way I used it while devouring it. Pour a trail of it onto his body – from top to bottom. And then, let your tongue and fingers work their magic over his skin in various ways he won’t stop worshipping you for.

3. Honey

Sure, it’s sticky and greasy and it’s bound to get messy no matter what you do. But, that’s why honey is just that good. Yes, you could spread it onto your cereal, your bananas, your pancakes. But, there’s one other thing you can spread it on – his body. Be ready for messy and sticky sex though. You won’t regret it.

image 3 pexels

How To Use It: I suggest you use it in combination with a sweetened cooking oil – lather his body with it (it could be a nice way to give him a massage; think of how you grease up your food just before you’re ready to devour it). Next, let the honey just fall and drip. For best effects, do this standing, or sitting. Better still, on a kitchen counter!

4. Chocolate Syrup

Or Nutella! We love chocolate. It has the ability to make us orgasm. There’s a reason why foodgasms are a real thing. The reason is chocolate. And when he knows and sees the effect that chocolate alone has on you, he’d be more than willing to let you experiment on him.

image 4 pexels

How To Use It: Depending on what your choice of variation is – hot chocolate syrup, chocolate sauce, or nutella – you get mix it up. Spread some nutella over his chest like he’s the yummiest slice of bread you ever saw and then, let loose the power of thy tongue, woman! If it’s sauce, tease his nipples, navel and his junk. Maybe even dip his balls into some of it. They need some extra love too, with a drop of chocolate.

5. Cake

What I like about cake – that it’s the squishiest, yummiest moist little piece of sponge with creams of all colours and flavours. But, what else do I like about cake? The fact that there’s literally only one other person I will allow to smash and smear it on me – him. Even when it’s the funniest and most childishly innocent thing to do, it seems to have a bit of a sexual tension to it. And then I want smear it all over him.

image 5 pexels

How To Use It: Make it like a tickle contest, only with cake. So start with the face, move down his chest, torso. Take it to the point where he smells of some of the best flavours on your favourite cake. And now that you’ve made a mess, you ought to clean that off him love.   

6. Molten Cheese

I’m talking about fondue. Forgive me, but I have a visual mind. So I think in images. I tend to imagine and associate my food, too with visuals.  So, it doesn’t really much of an explanation when I tell you about the various ways I can imagine fondue.

image 6 unsplash

How To Use It: Like honey, on the kitchen counter, as you feed each other and let it clumsily drip off the lower lip just so you can lick, suck and bite to all your freeing glory. Let it get messy. That’s what some of the best sex is all about!

7. Butter

Butter is one of the most underrated items in the list of foods that can turn you on and stimulate great sex. Better still, if you love plain butter. No, it isn’t the most health conscious thing to do. But, that’s where the sex comes into play, as exercise!

image 7 unsplash

How To Use It: Smear it, spread it and then let your fingers and tongue enjoy the combination of his body and that butter. Talk about body butter? This is what it really is!

8. Mango Pulp

Yes, mango pulp. You don’t need to go by that Katrina Kaif PVC for Maaza to know that eating mangoes can be sexy. Aam-sutra is real and very legitimate.

image 8 unsplash

How To Use It: Just crush the mango pulp over his skin and let the pulp fall all over him. Then, bury your lips, tongue, mouth and face into his body like your life depended on indulging in this phenomena where man meets mango and paradise awaits!

9. Ice Cream

If you’ve ever used ice cubes on each other’s bodies during sex, then you know what I’m getting at. When we’re turned on, our body temperature is slightly higher. How do we cool down? By giving us some ice cream. But, not the usual way, oh no!

image 9 unsplash

How To  Use It: On each other’s bodies. Take turns. Let him lay you down. And drop a dollop of chilled ice cream onto your navel. Then, let him eat it off you. Repeat this in every part of your body and stop at the clitoris. You know all too well what happens next. He’ll never stop wanting more, I promise.

10. Doughnuts

I know what you’re wondering – ‘how the hell?’ Let me explain. You know how a dick requires a hole? And you know how a doughnut has a hole? It doesn’t stop there. Heck, it doesn’t even start there.

image 10 unsplash

How To Use It: Slip that greasy little piece of sugar and sponge with lots of sprinkles onto his junk, as far back as it goes. Now play it up a bit when you’re giving him a blow job. Switch between licking off the icing and sprinkles on the doughnut to sucking the tip of his head. Then, bit off a tip of the doughnut as you’re giving his ball sack a mouthful (pun, always, intended). He’s going to remember this one long after it’s over. Trust, he’s going to want you every time he sees that doughnut. Feel free to insert the hashtag ‘101 ways to remain unforgettable’ here!   

Images: Pexels & Unsplash

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