250+ Nicknames For Sisters That Are A Lot More Fun Than Didi Or Choti!

Nicknames for Sisters

It goes without saying that sisters are our best friends. They drive us crazy and living with them is often a struggle, right from who gets the best bedroom to who stole whose clothes but all things aside, they get us like no one else! The bond that you and your sibling share with each other is unique and the loving and funny names you use for them speaks volumes about the affection you feel. In sync with that thought, we rounded up some of the best nicknames to call your sister. Read on to find the one which is meant for your best friend of all times!

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    Cute Nicknames For Sister


    Whether it's simply shortening their existing names or giving them a new one, here’s taking a look at some near-perfect cute nicknames for sister that are bound to bring your search to an end. Read on and take your pick. 

    1. Ana
    2. Doll
    3. Biscuit
    4. Beanie
    5. Button
    6. Buttercup
    7. Jellybean
    8. Cookie
    9. Donut
    10. Honey
    11. Blue
    12. Bo
    13. Joy
    14. June
    15. Liv
    16. Izzy
    17. Bella
    18. Mia
    19. Rose
    20. Candy
    21. Cutes
    22. Gigi
    23. Cutie
    24. Moe
    25. Teddy
    26. Summer
    27. Romy
    28. Bessy
    29. Aura
    30. Peaches
    31. Bee
    32. Eli
    33. Cara
    34. Pearl
    35. Iva
    36. Ava
    37. Skye
    38. Sparkles
    39. Bonnie
    40. Dorito
    41. Bubbles
    42. Aza
    43. Oggy
    44. Pepper
    45. Rabbit
    46. Trixie
    47. Twinkle
    48. Twinkie
    49. Gracie
    50. Glitzy
    51. Ruby
    52. Dimple
    53. Lucky
    54. Diva
    55. Cherie
    56. Cara
    57. Cakes
    58. Star
    59. Nicky
    60. Mimi


    Funny Nicknames For Sister


    Should you be looking for something downright fun to address your in-house BFF with, we suggest going down that route while giving them a name that suits their personality. To make things easier, take a look at our curated list of funny nicknames for sister and get the job done!

    1. Bubs
    2. Bubble
    3. Chicken
    4. Beagle
    5. Smallie
    6. Rollie
    7. Froggy
    8. Pint
    9. Sticks
    10. Cartoon
    11. Foxy
    12. Cutlet
    13. Goober
    14. Barb
    15. Loony
    16. Banana
    17. Chirpy
    18. Loopy
    19. Kiki
    20. Monkey
    21. Sticky
    22. Giraffe
    23. Jolly
    24. Poppy
    25. Pom pom
    26. Lulu
    27. Lolo
    28. Toto
    29. Loco
    30. Goofy


    Mean Nicknames For Your Sister


    Who said you only have to stick to conformist names when calling your sister? Give into some fun as you pull their leg a bit, adding some mean nicknames for sisters to your vocabulary. P.S: Be prepared for some strong retorts as well!

    1. Weirdo
    2. Crazy
    3. Zombie
    4. Ghost
    5. Copycat
    6. Crybaby
    7. Brat
    8. Dorky
    9. Doofus
    10. Dumdum
    11. Lazy
    12. Hulk
    13. Cyclops
    14. Buzzkill
    15. Stinky
    16. Snoopy
    17. Snitch
    18. Chatterbox
    19. Woozy
    20. Ratface
    21. Loser
    22. Idiot
    23. Dumbo
    24. Clueless
    25. Corny
    26. Monster
    27. Moany
    28. Piggy
    29. Elf
    30. Meanie

    Nicknames For Little Sister


    The love we feel for our little munchkins knows no bounds and there come times when all we want to do is to express it to them. Come to think of it, what could serve the purpose better than a unique name you pick for them! These cute choices of nicknames for little sister make it much easier for you; all you gotta do is pick one and call them out. Go right ahead to make your selection.

    1. Smalls
    2. Sweets
    3. Kiddo
    4. Pudding
    5. Pumpkin
    6. Missy
    7. Itsy
    8. Duckling
    9. Pebble
    10. Muffin
    11. Sugar
    12. Belle
    13. Mini
    14. Kiki
    15. Gem
    16. Nugget
    17. Treasure
    18. Princess
    19. Shorts
    20. Sweety
    21. Lovely
    22. Boo
    23. Bear
    24. Munchkin
    25. Cupcake
    26. Sunshine
    27. Teeny
    28. Mini
    29. Peanut
    30. Kitty
    31. Girlie
    32. Tweeny
    33. Nina
    34. Pickle
    35. Baby
    36. Bitsy
    37. Plum
    38. Cariña
    39. Amor 
    40. Bebe
    41. Dumpling
    42. Sweetheart
    43. Birdie
    44. Dove
    45. Doodle
    46. Bean
    47. Bae
    48. Bubs
    49. Bud
    50. Bear
    51. Dorito
    52. Pie
    53. Penny
    54. Tiggy
    55. Tig
    56. Beanie
    57. Mouse
    58. Dearie
    59. Darling
    60. Kitty

    Nicknames For Elder Sister


    If you have an elder sister, you will know that nothing beats the camaraderie that you share. You may disagree, call each other names but at the end of the day, they are a proven BFF you can rely on, come what may. Speaking of names, there is a bevvy of nicknames for elder sister that you could denote to them, should you be on the lookout. From cool and breezy to slightly fun and offbeat, take your pick from an expansive list below.

    1. Sis
    2. Deedee
    3. Koko
    4. Cheesy
    5. Cherry
    6. Angel
    7. Queen
    8. Stunner
    9. Champ
    10. Babe
    11. Eve
    12. Senior
    13. Captain
    14. Koko
    15. Miss sis
    16. Sisty
    17. Chuckles
    18. Olly
    19. Nono
    20. Chief

    Nicknames For Sister-In-Law


    Having a sister-in-law by your side is as good as having a sister for life and in case a fun name for them is what you would want to strengthen your bond, here’s looking at some nicknames for sister-in-law. 

    1. Hermana
    2. Giggles
    3. Ninja
    4. Major
    5. Boss
    6. Smarty
    7. Big sis
    8. Cece
    9. Sissy
    10. Biggy
    11. Chica
    12. Gem
    13. Sista
    14. Queenie
    15. SIL
    16. Rockstar
    17. Dimples
    18. Smiley
    19. Gorgeous
    20. Big

    Nicknames For Sister Based On Movies


    For movie buffs who like their Bollywood and Hollywood finds, there is no end of inspiration should picking from the ideal nicknames for sister be on the cards. And though there is no end to the list of names there are, we rounded up some of the best. Continue reading to take a look and select the one you like for your sister. 

    1. Leia- Star Wars
    2. Nemo- Finding Nemo
    3. Bambi- Bambi
    4. Bobby- Bobby
    5. Zoe- Suits
    6. Alex- A Clockwork Orange
    7. Goose- Top Gun
    8. Duckie- Pretty In Pink
    9. Cher- Clueless
    10. Mon- Monica in Friends
    11. Rach- Rachel in Friends
    12. Holly- Breakfast At Tiffany's 
    13. Pink- Reservoir Dogs
    14. Jasmine- Aladdin
    15. Pia- 3 Idiots
    16. Roma- Don
    17. Poo- Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham
    18. Zooni- Fanaa
    19. Lolita- Parineeta
    20. Pari- Pari

    Nicknames For Sister Based On Books


    For those of you who would wish to denote a name derived from literature, we got your back! Without further ado, here’s delving into nicknames to call your sister, based on the best of books. 

    1. Scout- To Kill A Mockingbird
    2. Circe- Circe
    3. Lisa- Love and Other Drugs
    4. George- Famous Five
    5. Katy- What Katy Did
    6. Allie- The Notebook
    7. Anne- Anne of Green Gables
    8. Celie- The Colour Purple
    9. Sansa- A Game of Thrones
    10. Arya- A Game of Thrones
    11. Emma- Emma
    12. Daisy- The Great Gatsby
    13. Eliza- Pygmalion
    14. Nelly- Wuthering Heights
    15. Phoebe- Friends
    16. Villanelle- Killing Eve
    17. Violet- A Series of Unfortunate Events
    18. Coco- Coco
    19. Ariel- The Little Mermaid

    Tips To Choose Nickname For Sister

    —Pick a name that matches their personality. 
    —You could also use the first letter of their name to make a nickname. 
    —Make sure it's all in good fun, and never derogatory. The intent of using a nickname is not to be mean or hurtful.
    —It’s best to avoid using a particular nickname if the person it's addressed to isn’t comfortable with it. 

    And that’s all there is to keep in mind while picking a cool nickname! Now that you have seen all the relevant lists of names there are, did you manage to pick the ideal one for your sister? 

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