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190+ Nicknames For Girls That’ll Be The Sweetest Li’l Gesture For Your Special One

Gifts and grand gestures are all good, but a cute nickname for your BFF or bae is something else! It adds that personal touch and is often that name only you’re allowed to address her with. Not just that, even new parents often search for nicknames for girls for their sweet li’l angel. If you’ve been on the lookout too, we’ve got you. Scroll ahead for the best nicknames for girls to pick from.

 Best Nicknames For Girls

best nicknames for girls “

We’ve rounded up the best nicknames for girls that she is bound to love! Have a look: 

  1. Cookie – a sweet girl
  2. Smiley Face – a girl that smiles a lot
  3. Barbie – a perfect woman
  4. Rat – a food sniffer
  5. Lioness – a girl that takes charge of situations
  6. Angel Heart – a kind-hearted lady
  7. Cupcake –  a sweet person
  8. Dove – a pure soul
  9. Brat  – an impolite girl
  10. Shortcake – a sweet petite lady
  11. Tea Cup –  small stature
  12. Tiny  – a tiny little thing
  13. Wee-One – a short girl or a little girl
  14. Flawless –  a stunning girl with no imperfections

Girls Cute Nicknames

Finding cute nicknames for girls can be a bit difficult which is why we decided to round up a few great ones.

  1. Red – a lady with a red hair
  2. Brown eyes – a lady with sexy brown eyes
  3. Amazon –  a strong woman
  4. Mulan – a troublesome lady
  5. Wonder woman  – a cool one for a lady never faced with any situation
  6. Boo Boo Kitty –  a lady that acts like a brat
  7. Stalker – a great stalker
  8. Butterfingers – a lady who drop things easily
  9. Butterface – everything is nice about her 
  10. Sloth – a lazy lady
  11. Fluffy – a cute soft-hearted girl
  12. Muffin – a muffin
  13. Cutie Pie – as sweet as pie
  14. Peaches – as sweet as peaches
  15. Sweetums – the most awesome lady ever
  16. Juju Babe – a cute name for Jane
  17. Bambi – cute
  18. Beanie – an adorable petite-sized lady

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Sweet Nicknames For Girls

Sweet Nicknames for girls

Looking for sweet nicknames for girls? We got your back! Check out these ultimate sweet nicknames for girls:

  1. Twinkles – absolutely sparkling
  2. Sunshine – for a girl as beautiful as a summer morning
  3. Fireball – the toughest, strongest
  4. Sugar Lips – a girl with sweet lips
  5. Puppet – super calm and easygoing
  6. Diamond – a most prized possession
  7. Babyface – adorable looking
  8. Milady – a gentleman’s woman
  9. Lollipop – a sugar-sweet girl 
  10. Wifey – your better half
  11. Muffin – so attractive and enticing
  12. Cookie – a tough but sweet girlfriend
  13. Sweet Pea – a girl who’s the sweetest thing ever
  14. Cupcake – a sweetheart!
  15. Ginger  – red-head
  16. Fun size – so tiny and so adorable
  17. Cheese balls – cute cheeks

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Funny Nicknames For Girls

Here are some funny nicknames for girls that will put a smile on her face! 

  1. Chuf Chuf- A lady that does things in a hilarious way
  2. Chunky Money-  High spirited and playful, she’s delightful to have around
  3. Cinnamon Girl- She’s lovely and always seems to lighten things around her with a simply sweet touch
  4. Claws- Does she find it hard to let go of most things? Are most things in her life valuable, and she hates the thought of losing them? This name is for her
  5. Collywoggles- Sarcastic yet brilliant in a pleasant manner
  6. Confessor- For a kind-hearted girl
  7. Cool Breeze- Warm and pleasant, she is a source of comfort any day any time
  8. Cosmo-  A girl who likes her space
  9. Cowgirl- A girl who’s wild with a fire deep inside her. Being around her is like being on a roller coaster ride
  10. Crazy Pants- For a bat-shit crazy girl
  11. Goody Goody: For the kind of girl who’s too abiding and always does everything right
  12. Goof Ball: For a girl who’s silly, playful, and lighthearted
  13. Goofy: For the girl who adorably pulls the silliest and wackiest stunts
  14. Google: A girl who’s always ready with a line or an entire chapter, on almost any topic

Good Nicknames For Girls

Who doesn’t love good names for girls? We’ve listed down some great nicknames for girls that you’re gonna love! 

  1. Bee’s Knees- A pet name for girl to denote excellence
  2. Bibbles- A dope lady with a refreshing attitude
  3. Biscuit- Sweet pet name for a lady who is cute and adorable
  4. Blue- A cute pet name for a lady that brings clarity into your life
  5. Bodacious Babe- A good nickname for a brave girl
  6. Book Worm- A cute name for a girl whose head is often buried in a book
  7. Boss- A great nickname for a girl who loves to take charge
  8. Brainiac- A cute nickname for a brilliant girl
  9. Brat- A cute name for a girl who acts like she’s royalty

Crazy Nicknames For Girls


Here are some crazy nicknames for girls that your BFF will adore. 

  1. Rockstar – a fashionable and trendy lady
  2. Miss Independent – a lady who doesn’t rely on anyone
  3. Flawless – a beautiful girl
  4. First Lady – the number one girl
  5. Loony – a crazy girl
  6. Doofus – a goofy girl
  7. Chubster – a plump sweet lady
  8. Ice – a calm girlfriend
  9. Loony – a crazy girl
  10. Sting – a stubborn girl
  11. Magic – simply unexplainable
  12. Divine – a girl with an unquantifiable personality
  13. Starlight – bright and dazzling
  14.  Hera – queen 
  15. Jade – precious stone 
  16. Jarah – boldness 

Hot Nicknames For Girls

If your SO likes to keep things exciting then we’re sure she’s gonna appreciate one of these hot nicknames for girls! 

  1. Hot Stuff  – a hot and drop-dead gorgeous lady
  2. Hottie  – a ridiculously attractive girl
  3. Lolita – the hottest girl around the block
  4. Sexy – A popular pet name for attractive girls
  5. Spicy – the lady that spices up your life
  6. Sugar Lips – a great kisser
  7. Chica – ‘girl’ in Spanish
  8. Gangsta Baby – she’s not afraid of anyone
  9. Shadow – partner-in-crime
  10. Punk – a stubborn girl
  11. Eggshells –  a lady that gets offended easily
  12. Piggy – a girl with a crazy sense of humour
  13. Tree Goblin – an attractive lady
  14. Chatterbox – talkative
  15. Firecracker – hot-tempered
  16. Half Pint- a short lady

Girls Nicknames List

If you’re still confused, here are some girls nicknames list.

  1. Bug – a troublesome girl
  2. Coco – a crazy or eccentric girl
  3. Hipster –  in tune with the latest trends
  4. Riff – often used for stubborn ladies
  5. Nutty – a crazy girl?
  6. Blondie  –  a lady with blonde hair
  7. Cutie Pants – a cute lady
  8. Lucky Charm – a good luck charm
  9. Cheerleader – a lady that has your back
  10. Skanky  – a lady who is down for anything
  11. CowGirl – a great car rider
  12. Caramel  – a sexy girl with lovely brown skin

Unique Nicknames For Girls

If you are searching for unique nicknames for girls, then you are at the right place. Here are the best nicknames for girls.

  1. Lovey
  2. Sunflower
  3. Princess
  4. Emerald
  5. Cherry
  6. My Lovely
  7. Ella
  8. Daisy
  9. Treasure
  10. My Everything
  11. Baby Girl
  12. Dearest
  13. Charm
  14. Babydoll
  15. Love

Beautiful Nicknames For Girls

Hey beautiful girl, if you are here to look for some beautiful nicknames for girls then your quest ends here. 

  1. Rose
  2. Goddess
  3. Heartbeat
  4. Super Nova
  5. Ace
  6. Dearie/Dear
  7. Cutie
  8. Honey
  9. Cinderella
  10. Angel
  11. Queenie
  12. Pretty Love
  13. Beloved
  14. Mon Cheri
  15. Lovebug

Cool Nicknames For Girls

Girls do love to look cool often and if they have cool nickname then what they need more other than that? Here are cool nicknames for girls that you can choose from.

  1. Genuine
  2. Amor
  3. Kissy Face
  4. Cutie Patootie
  5. Twinkle
  6. Barbie Doll
  7. Angel Eyes
  8. Awesome Blossom
  9. Belle
  10. Firefly
  11. Living Angel
  12. Bright Light
  13. Genuine
  14. Jasmine
  15. Dumpling

Short Nicknames For Girls

If you are looking for short nicknames for girls, then you are at the right place, here are best short nicknames for girls.

  1. Rolly Polly
  2. Goldie
  3. Pixie
  4. Munchkin
  5. Teeny
  6. Shortcake
  7. Tiny Temper
  8. Gremlin
  9. Bite-size
  10. Mrs Thumb
  11. Micro
  12. Minnie
  13. Little miss
  14. Tinkerbell
  15. Babycakes

Nice Nicknames For Girls

If you are searching for nice nicknames for girls next door, then you have come to the right door! We have got you covered, here are the chosen nicknames for girls to keep.

  1. Mighty Scoop
  2. Treetop
  3. Giantess
  4. Statuesque
  5. Gawky Legs
  6. Tall-stalked
  7. Large Fry
  8. Longitude
  9. Miss Hercules
  10. Big Foot
  11. Miss Lofty
  12. Heighty
  13. Extra-Long
  14. Miss Grandiose
  15. Big Bird

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So fam, we hope you’ve found your perf nickname from our list of nicknames for girls! 

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