Planning To Get A Cat? Here Are 250+ Adorable Nicknames For The Feline Furball!

Planning To Get A Cat? Here Are 250+ Adorable Nicknames For The Feline Furball!

So here’s a thing about cats: they love the box way more than the thing that came in it! And as frustrating as it might be, this is just one of the eccentricities that make these feline hairballs all the more adorable to their humans. Yes, cats are crazy, cats are cunning, but then again, cats are also super adorable. And that makes up for all their mischief that we need to keep monitoring all through the day just like keeping an eye on the naughtiest kids in the house. These quirks are what makes being a cat parent an absolutely fulfilling experience. So if you just welcomed a cat into your lives and your homes or are awaiting the arrival of one very soon, here are 250+ cat names to choose from. 

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    Cute Nicknames For Your Cat


    Got really really blessed in the cat department and ended up with a cute cat? Well, this definitely calls for a celebration and also, some extra cute cat names for your furball. Here are the 20 best names for cats: 

    1. Peppy 
    2. Andy
    3. Marty 
    4. Rollypolly
    5. Cutums 
    6. Puffy
    7. Pompom 
    8. Christmas 
    9. Chloe 
    10. Dot 
    11. Dottu 
    12. Drum 
    13. Sasha 
    14. Angel 
    15. Inky 
    16. Cara 
    17. Panda
    18. Dottie 
    19. Bubbles
    20. Buttercup 

    Funny Nicknames For Your Cat


    Ended up one of those goofy furballs who’d clearly get mistaken for dumb dogs if it wasn’t for their inability to bark? We feel you! Also, we know that secretly you think of your cat as the cutest creature in the entire damn world. And that’s is why we have curated a list of 20 funny cat names that’ll always remind you how adorable your baby is!

    1. Guddi
    2. Lolitha 
    3. Mouse 
    4. Chuha 
    5. Lollipop 
    6. Chandrachood 
    7. Chiklick 
    8. Tipu 
    9. Tamatar 
    10. Tiptip 
    11. Kitkat 
    12. Picnic
    13. Pilla 
    14. Razzo 
    15. Beast (Beauty & The Beast)
    16. Chidiya 
    17. Heroine 
    18. Rocket 
    19. Pathaka 
    20. Dumbo

    Unique Nicknames For Your Cat


    Totally in love with your cat and its antics since the moment you first laid eyes on it? We can totally associate with the paternal love that you feel for your cat and understand your desire to find nothing but the best things in the world for them, including their name. Well you are certainly sorted in that department for here are 20 unique cat names that fit the bill pretty well:

    1. Silver 
    2. Aroroa
    3. Needle 
    4. Glitter
    5. Marsala 
    6. Velvet 
    7. Blazer 
    8. Professor 
    9. River
    10. Lake 
    11. Kiss 
    12. Karma 
    13. Salt
    14. Perfume 
    15. Mascara 
    16. Lipstick 
    17. Bow 
    18. Bentley 
    19. Ferrari 
    20. Muse

    Best Nicknames For Female Cat (Queen)


    It’s a girl for you in the cat department? Well, your feline princess certainly deserves the suavest name for herself. You agree, right? Well, here are 30 cat names that you can choose from. 

    1. Missy 
    2. Cinderella 
    3. Princess
    4. Pretty 
    5. Goldilocks 
    6. Belle
    7. Billi
    8. Dipsy 
    9. Highness 
    10. Pink 
    11. Maroon 
    12. Beans 
    13. Iris 
    14. Athena 
    15. Jasmine 
    16. Queenie 
    17. Chakri 
    18. Ruby 
    19. Sona 
    20. Khaki 
    21. Dinah 
    22. Mochi 
    23. Raisin
    24. Meow
    25. Saucy
    26. Dame 
    27. Misses 
    28. Hope 
    29. Hermione 
    30. Crystal

    Best Nicknames For Male Cat (Tom)


    Parent to a boy cat and really really confused about their names? Well, owing to the female connotations associated with the general idea of a cat, it sometimes gets a tricky task to find the perfect cat names for toms, but we have you covered.  

    1. Palo 
    2. Pingu 
    3. Muscles 
    4. Romeo 
    5. Keanu 
    6. Tiger 
    7. Hero 
    8. Lion 
    9. Bear 
    10. Beer 
    11. Monkey 
    12. Pebbles 
    13. Motley 
    14. Miracle 
    15. Java 
    16. Onyx 
    17. Thor 
    18. Loki 
    19. Kuro 
    20. Opal
    21. Zorro 
    22. Mars
    23. Ash 
    24. Rolo 
    25. Fudge
    26. Shero 
    27. Jack
    28. Cody 
    29. Rokko 
    30. Popeye

    Cat Names Based On Movies


    Be it naming your first baby or your furball, we think movies provide some of the best ideas. Also, a movie name will make your cat an instant star given that it has been directly derived from a famous character. Well, I don’t think we need to make more of a case for movie-inspired cat names anymore. Thus, here are 30 best names for cats that have been directly taken from movies.

    1. Yoda (Star Wars)
    2. Norman (Psycho)
    3. Maverick (Top Gun)
    4. Odie (Garfield)
    5. Zero (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
    6. Tarzan (Tarzan)
    7. Max (Mad Max)
    8. Bluto (National Lampoon’s Animal House)
    9. Scarlett (Gone With the Wind)
    10. Vito (The Godfather)
    11. Kane (Citizen Kane)
    12. Toto (Wizard of Oz)
    13. Nemo (Finding Nemo)
    14. Chance (Homeward Bound)
    15. Neo (The Matrix)
    16. Marv (Sin City)
    17. Trinity (The Matrix)
    18. Stich (Lilo & Stitch)
    19. Baxter (Anchorman)
    20. Simba (Lion King)
    21. Boba Fett (Star Wars)
    22. Winnie the Poodle (Winnie the Pooh)
    23. Rizzo (Grease)
    24. Duchess (The Aristocats)
    25. Buzz (Toy Story)
    26. Woody (Toy Story)
    27. Fiona (Shrek)
    28. Oda (Ghost)
    29. Darla (The Little Rascals)
    30. Loki (Thor)

    Cat Names Based On Pets Owned By Celebs


    Yes, movie-inspired names are nice and all but do you know what's even cooler? Names inspired by celeb pets! Here are the 30 best cat names to choose from.  

    1. Kitty Purry (Katy Perry)
    2. Thurmon Murmon (Rachel Bilson)
    3. Pablow (Miley Cyrus)
    4. Olivia Benson (Taylor Swift)
    5. Genghis Khan (Martha Stewert)
    6. Matzoball (Adam Sandler)
    7. Bob (Naomi Watts)
    8. Sheriff (Christina Ricci)
    9. Lucky (Britney Spears)
    10. Foxy Cleopatra (Nicole Richie)
    11. Mr. Fluffy Pants (Kesha)
    12. Bearenstain (Pete Wentz)
    13. Eye In The Dark (Norman Reedus)
    14. Squiddly (Simon Cowell)
    15. Diddly (Simon Cowell)
    16. Shanouk (Amitabh Bachchan)
    17. Tony (Imran Khan)
    18. Myson (Salman Khan)
    19. Myjan (Salman Khan)
    20. Brando (Priyanka Chopra)
    21. Zoey (Shraddha kapoor) 
    22. Kaiser (Shahid Kapoor)
    23. Dude (Anushka Sharma)
    24. Kuro (Sonakshi Sinha)
    25. Polo (Yami Gautam)
    26. Dash (Shahrukh Khan)
    27. Pikka (Alia Bhatt)
    28. Puggy (Hrithik Roshan)
    29. Champagne (Shilpa Shetty)
    30. Gangsta (Arjun Rampal)

    Cat Names Based On Food


    So here’s the deal: you love food and you love your feline both, right? How about mixing the two? What we are implying is to name your cat after your favourite dish or some fun edible food items. Here are 40 food-based cat names to select from: 

    1. Tikki 
    2. Basil 
    3. Berry 
    4. Cherry 
    5. Brandy
    6. Biscuit
    7. Nacho 
    8. Whisky 
    9. Candy 
    10. Fig
    11. Chai 
    12. Muffin 
    13. Caviar 
    14. Pumpkin 
    15. Sushi 
    16. Tofu 
    17. Sugar 
    18. Truffle 
    19. Peaches 
    20. Mocha 
    21. Jelly 
    22. Cheeni
    23. Candy 
    24. Snicker
    25. Miso
    26. Pasta 
    27. Pizza
    28. Maggie 
    29. Tomato 
    30. Noodle 
    31. Rush 
    32. Coffee 
    33. Aaloo 
    34. Kachaloo 
    35. Paratha 
    36. Ladoo 
    37. Mithai 
    38. Barfi 
    39. Bhindi 
    40. Chikki 

    Best Cat Nicknames Based On The Fur Colour


    Just got a tiny kitten and confused about the name? Cat fur sort of acts like their unique identity and that is why we see absolutely no harm in giving your pet a name inspired by their fur colour. Here are 40 kitten names to choose from:

    Ginger Cats

    1. Saffron 
    2. Cinnamon 
    3. Dortio 
    4. Citrus 
    5. Maple 
    6. Mango 
    7. Orange 
    8. Rusty 
    9. Tang 
    10. Sunkiss

    Brown Cats

    1. Nutmeg 
    2. Cadbury 
    3. Cookie 
    4. Carmel 
    5. Coco 
    6. Nuts 
    7. Sandy 
    8. Woody 
    9. Toast 
    10. Peanut

    Black Cats

    1. Sooty 
    2. Ebony 
    3. Nebula 
    4. Bero 
    5. Raven 
    6. Phantom 
    7. Blackie 
    8. Shadow 
    9. Batcat 
    10. Coal


    1. Ghost 
    2. Snow 
    3. Snowy 
    4. Frost 
    5. Vanilla 
    6. Lilly 
    7. Pearl 
    8. Jasmine 
    9. Snowflake 
    10. Moon

    Some More Nicknames For Your Loved Ones

    All sorted with the cat names? Well, we think everyone you love and cherish deserves an adorable nickname and here’s a gold mine of nicknames to keep you sorted: 

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    Well, the next time your cat stops answering, you know exactly what to do. Pick up some fun cat names from our exhaustive list and start calling them with the new names to keep it interesting for both you and your cat. Quite an idea, right? 

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