names to call your husband

13 Cute Little Things To Call Your Husband… Just Because!

Phalasha Nagpal

Guest Contributor

Calling your better half by pet names is nothing new, but have you ever thought of calling him with these names and have his heart melt? He will squish you with love and super tight hugs?! ‘Aww!’ Here are 13 cute, romantic and funny names to call your husband, just because!

1. Hubby

All your life you heard girls adorably referring to their husbands as hubby. Here’s your turn to do the same. That feeling when you take his call and address him as, ‘Hi hubby’!

1 names to call your husband

2. Mr. Sharma

Isn’t is so sexy to refer to your love with his surname, all formally. Say that in a sexy voice and he’s going to love it!

3. Cutie Patootie

Pull his cheeks tight, plant a kiss and call him your cutie patootie for life!

4. Babe

For when he’s being the charmer at that party!

4 names to call your husband

5. Honey

When he brings you all those chocolates you never asked for, during that time of the month.

6. Sex God

When you’re in the mood for some kinky action, this is the easiest way to drop a hint. Call him your sex God and you’ll have him kissing you everywhere!

7. Teddy Bear

When he hugs you tight and just doesn’t let go till you can’t breathe… All those moments when you got your own cute teddy bear!

7 names to call your husband

8. Superman

Men grow up being thrilled by superheroes, their superpowers and how they save the world. Let your husband know, he’s no less than Superman for you!

9. Buttercup

For when he is being too adorable…!

10. Sweetheart

Make your man blush every time you call him, ‘Sweetheart’.

10 names to call your husband

11. Cupcake

When you can’t keep your hands off of him and just want to eat him up!

12. Muscle Man

For when you can’t open a jar of cookies and he does it for you in a split second. Isn’t he your strongest, cutest muscle man?

13. Lover Boy

Not every name needs a reason, you guys tied the knot after all!

13 names to call your husband

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Published on Mar 28, 2017
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