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20 Adorable Baby Boy Names That’ll Have You Spoilt For Choice!

Becoming a parent is one of the greatest joys in the world. Holding your baby in your arms is like holding your entire universe at once. But babies come with their own challenges and finalizing a name for them is the first one! They will be known by this name all their life, it’ll be their identity and you surely don’t want to mess up this one decision. Sounds like a huge responsibility, right? Well, don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here are some of the cutest baby boy names that you can give to your son. So fam, let’s get started!

Cute Baby Boy Names

Baby boy names

These cute baby boy names even have the most special meanings. Here you go!

AdhyanAdhyan means someone who is rising
AgastyaAgastya was a revered Vedic sage as per Hindu mythology.
DhruvDhruv means pole star, commonly known as the Dhruv Tara in Hindi.
HridhaanHridhaan means ‘heart’. It also means someone who’s kind and generous.

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Indian Boy Names

Indian Boy Names

If you are someone who loves traditional names instead of something modern, then here are some beautiful Indian boy names that you will love.

IndraThe name Indra holds a special place in the Hindu religion. It is the name of the God who is considered the king of all the Gods as per Hindu mythology.
JaiJai means victory in Sanskrit
KabirKabir is the name of a revered Sufi saint. It means ‘the greatest.’
OmOm is a traditional Indian name that refers to a sacred syllable in the Hindu religion.

Unique Boy Names

Unique Boy Names

One of the biggest challenges someone faces while choosing a perfect name for a baby boy is that it should not be common. Here are some unique boy names that will suit your baby’s unique personality perfectly.

RishaankA name with a religious origin, Rishaank, refers to the one who is a follower or devotee of Lord Shiva.
SarvinThe name Sarvin is indicative of the one who is the best archer. The name also means ‘victory.’
ShayanThe name Shayan refers to a courteous and intelligent person, who is worthy and deserves good things in life.
VehantThe name Vehant means ‘wisdom and intelligence.’

New Names for Boys

New Name for Boys

Here are some adorable new names for boys with beautiful meanings.

YuvaanYuvaan means ‘young’ or ‘youthful.’ The name Yuvaan also refers to the Moon and is another name for Lord Shiva.
VyomA unique name, Vyom, refers to the sky.
SachitThe name Sachit is indicative of “the one who is joyful and conscious.”
NivanThe name Nivan refers to something pious or sacred.

Best Boy Names With Meaning

Best Boy Names With Meaning

Here are some of the best boy names that you can ever find. These names will never sound outdated and will suit almost every boy’s personality well. These names are fun, classy, and extremely pleasing to the ears.

RahulThe name means ‘efficient’ and ‘competent.’ Rahul was also the name of the son of Lord Buddha
PratyushThe name Pratyush has its origin in a Sanskrit word which means dawn. Pratyush also refers to a person who is bright and radiant like the sun.
NikshithThe name Nikshith refers to an individual with a sharp personality.
KrishKrish is one of the versions of Lord Krishna’s name. Parents will love this name as it will represent Lord Krishna’s wit, charm, and intellect.

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Hoping that you are going to name your son after these cute baby boy names!

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