Seven Exclusive Things That Only Girls With Big Boobs Can Do

Seven Exclusive Things That Only Girls With Big Boobs Can Do

Say it with me: boobs are really, really great. Big or small, they are all perfect. But there are days when you feel that your relationship with your boobs is a little complicated. Then, there are those days when your girls behave perfectly. And if you are someone blessed with an abundant chest, trust me, I totally understand the love-hate relationship you have with your boobs. I get it, big boobs can be a pain in the neck (literally). But your girls have some great benefits that can heavily outweigh the bad!

For starters, big boob are seen as cool and desirable. And hello, built-in food shelf, anyone? So, today, in the honour of women with big boobs, here are some exclusive things that these awesome women with great assets can do. 

7 Things You Need To Know About Big Boobs

We have listed down some sexual and non-sexual ways in which you can put your big assets to use. Read on to know what we're talking about. 

Use them as a table!


As funny as that sounds, girls with big boobs will agree with me when I say that having big boobs is like carrying a small table everywhere. You can keep a little bowl on it while leaning on the couch watching Netflix all by yourself. 

Effortless cleavage

Just one undone shirt button can make you feel super confident at times. And since you're someone with great boobs and natural cleavage, you don't even have to make the effort to use accessories to enhance your cleavage. Easy-peasy!

Boob sex!

Bigger the boobs, better the boob sex. Yes! It's a thing. You let a man put his penis between your boobs. It's arousing for him and even sexier when you initiate the sex. 

The boob massage


Use your big boobs to give your man a massage. Use some oil or cream and ask your man to lay down on his chest. Surprise him with a boob massage and finish it with a good intercourse session!

Your bikinis look spectacular on you

No offence to girls with smaller breasts, but big boobs make any swimming costume 10 times sexier. Do you agree with me or do you agree with me?

Jiggle! Jiggle! Jiggle!

Guys love it when you jiggle your boobs in front of them. Bigger the boobs, better the jiggle, right? Move your shoulders and jiggle your chest in front of your partner to turn them on!

Feel super sexy, all the time!


The bottom line: Big boobs are really sexy. They make your outfit, your swimwear and your sex life good. They will also make you feel super confident at times and will make your shopping effortless 'coz everything looks good on you!

Featured Image: Unsplash