14 Struggles All Girls With Big Boobs Face - Just Why?

14 Struggles All Girls With Big Boobs Face - Just Why?

Women who don’t have big breasts admire women who do, but only we, women with big boobs, can tell you that while it’s a boon, it also comes with its own challenges. Not only are we carrying extra weight around, we’re also at the receiving end of a lot of undeserved stares making us more conscious of ourselves. The fashion industry carelessly bungs us into the plus-size category. And popular media finds women with big boobs only good for bringing in a titillating factor. A lot of us end up hating our big boobs, also because of the obvious logistical hurdles they confront us with. So here are 14 super annoying things all women with a C cup and above will get!

1. The selection of tops available to you is extremely limited - strapless is out of the question!

Am I supposed to buy only from the store Nuns shop their habit from?

2. Finding a bra that’s cute and fits you perfectly -- That’s the equivalent of finding a unicorn in a perfect world!

When will I ever find it?

3. Know what’s it like to sleep on your stomach? Well, we don’t!

Unless we’re on the beach and can dig up two holes for convenience!

3 big boobs

4. Suddenly running up and down the stairs is not a possibility unless we’re holding onto our chest.

That jiggle though!

5. What may seem like a normal neckline on others is considered scandalous for you!

Hello, cleavage town!

6. Button-up shirts are your nemesis. What fits on the waist and on the shoulders will ALWAYS be too tight on the chest.

A medium on the waist and extra large on the chest. *Sigh*

6 big boobs

7. Accept it! All of us, who have a big rack, have at least once been stabbed in the chest by the underwire that just could not bear the weight anymore.


8. Push up bras and strapless bras are dangerous for you. It’s like flirting with the devil!

Whenever I want to live dangerously, I wear a strapless bra.

9. Exercising involves not one but TWO sports bras. Yes, two! One does nothing.

With boobs my size, one isn’t even enough support!

9 big boobs

10. You cannot wear long necklaces or seatbelts unless you want them to settle in between your boobs and make everything more awkward!

Avert your gaze fast, Mr.!

11. I don’t remember the last time I was braless - except for in the bath and even that wasn’t a choice!

Need. Support. All. The. Time

12. Underboob sweat is something we’ve all struggled with in summers (and sometimes even winters)!

We have real problems here, people!

15 big boobs

13. Have you met the dreaded double boob - even when the bra is only a week old!

When we wear T-shirts - then the world can see this!

14. It becomes a part of your iden‘tity’ (see what I did there)!

You know my friend, um, the one with big boobs!

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