The Future Is Female: Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Female Condoms!

The Future Is Female: Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Female Condoms!

In an era of feminism and equal responsibility, a question I think about almost every day is why are condoms still a man's responsibility? Why do only men go and buy condoms and it is frowned upon for women to buy them? Most importantly, why are male condoms more readily available than female condoms. Yes, female condoms do exist and they would help all of us sexually active women be more accountable for our own sexual health instead of hoping that the men we're hooking up with would carry protection.

Since female condoms are such a powerful tool in helping women embrace and explore their sexuality without the fear of STIs or STDs, we're here to tell you all you need to know about them!

How Do Female Condoms Work?

The one thing that sets apart female condoms from the male ones is the fact that it gives you total control over your own sexual health without having to rely on your partner to ensure no mishaps happen. Worn inside the vagina, these condoms, just like their male counterparts, prevent pregnancy by stopping the sperm from meeting the egg. 

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A female condom has one ring at each end, one closed and one open. The closed ring is inserted into the vagina while the open ring hangs outside the vaginal opening. The best part about the condom, though, is that it can be inserted into the vagina before sex so that you don't have to stop in the heat of the moment and break the flow. 


Benefits Of Using A Female Condom

1. They're Latex Free

Most male condoms are made of latex. However, a lot of people experience latex allergy so using a traditional latex condom becomes a little difficult for them. Female condoms easily eliminate this problem as they are made from nitrile, a material stronger but thinner than latex. Now he has no reason to say that he can't use a condom because he's sensitive to latex!

2. It Can Provide Extra Stimulation

As mentioned above, the female condom has a ring that remains outside your body and this can help in some extra stimulation for you. While having sex, you can rub the outer ring against your clitoris for some added pleasure. As a lot of women cannot climax from vaginal penetration alone, this will help you orgasm easily!

female condoms 2  

3. These Condoms Can Be Used With Any Kind Of Lubricant

When using male condoms, you have to be extremely careful about the lubricants you use. Oil-based lubricants are a huge no-no as they wear down latex condoms and make them ineffective. With female condoms, you can use whatever is at hand - natural lubrication or your favourite lubricant whether it is water or oil based without compromising on the safety! 

4. Men Love Them Too

While female condoms are for women, research has shown that men love female condoms equally. The female ones aren't too tight on the penis and they do not inhibit or dull any sensation. Apart from that, men love sharing the opportunity of sharing the responsibility of protection with their partners instead of being the one always in-charge of it.

female condoms 3

5. More Protected Sex

Studies in several countries have shown that the level of protected sex couples have is higher when there is an opportunity of using female condoms. This significantly reduces the risk of STIs, STDs and unwanted pregnancies. With the option of both male and female condoms present, users switched between the two often - increasing the number of times condoms were used. However, it needs to be noted that both the condoms should never be used together as the friction will lead to one or both of them breaking.

Images: Giphy, DNA India

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