#SafeSex: Your Guide To Using A Female Condom!

#SafeSex: Your Guide To Using A Female Condom!

The concept of sexual health is of utmost importance in India today because the state of sexual and reproductive education in the country is still quite deplorable. In an age where women are encouraged to make proactive choices when it comes to their reproductive health, the necessity for female contraceptives is a need of the hour. So, we went around and asked the women of POPxo if they know about the female condom. Here’s what they had to say.

What the heck is a female condom?

We’re glad you asked! A female condom is a contraceptive designed especially for women, that enables you to have safe sex while preventing unplanned pregnancies. Not to mention, putting it on is as easy as using a tampon, since the soft latex skin is designed to fit in smoothly inside your vagina. Safety comes before everything else, ladies.

internal - female condom pack

I thought it was just men who wore condoms, what good is it to me?

The female condom are also called ‘internal’ condoms, as they are placed to cover the inside of your vagina. They work in the same manner as a male condom.

Biology 101: It acts as a barrier between the sperm and the egg - blocking the sperm’s path to fertilizing the egg in your ovaries - hence preventing pregnancy.

Wait, so there are female condoms available in India? For real?

Yes, we do, ladies! HLL Lifecare Limited has launched ‘Velvet’, the first ever female condom for India that is made of natural rubber latex, that provides reproductive freedom and more control over safe sex to women. We gotta look after ourselves, don’t we?

Can’t I just use other contraceptives for preventing an unwanted pregnancy?

You can, and certainly must. But female condoms are important not just for birth control but to also prevent you from contracting AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases and infections - something which is not guaranteed by other forms of contraceptives like birth control pills or an intrauterine device.

Give it to me straight, how do I know these are reliable?

Don’t worry, there are a lot of checks in place! ‘Velvet’ has obtained the World Health Organisation's (WHO) pre-qualification, after acceptability and functionality trials conducted on the product. But you must also do your part and ensure you have more than one method of contraceptives in hand to have safe sex. After all, prevention is better than cure!

internal - female condom open

How does this work? What do I do? Where does it go?

Relax! We got you covered. Make sure you get into a comfortable position and don’t tense up your muscles before you get to using the condom. Deep breaths. Here we go.

Just before vaginal intercourse, insert the condom deep into your vagina. There are flexible rings at each end, and the closed end holds the condom inside your vagina. The ring at the open end stays outside the vaginal opening.

Also, take a look at these instructional videos that instruct and inform you about the usage. These are super helpful!

Ok, where do I buy them?

They are available across several online stores such as Flipkart, Amazon, eBay and Shy Cart.

In conclusion ladies, always take precaution and do not hesitate to contact a medical professional to answer all your queries about female contraceptives.

Be smart. Be safe!

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