7 Signs You Might Not Be Ready To Have Sex Just Yet

7 Signs You Might Not Be Ready To Have Sex Just Yet

Sex, when had at the right time, with the right person can be a beautiful thing. But, there is a nagging question that you can't get rid of - 'Am I ready to have sex?'. The answer can range from a simple and clear no to a big, fat yes. But life isn't always so black and white. Sometimes, you are stuck in a grey area and you keep telling yourself 'maybe I am, maybe I'm not'. So instead of winging it and then later regretting it, we've put together a litmus test to help you make this decision. If you agree with even one of the signs, in all possibility, you're not ready to have sex!

1. You don't completely trust the person

This point is a massive red sign! If you don't completely know the person or don't trust them, having sex with them is a terrible idea. Maybe you think he's not being honest or it can just be a feeling that he's in this only for the sex. Either way, don't do it!

1 not ready to have sex

2. You don't know much about the important stuff

Unless you know all there is to know about things like contraception, protection and STDs, you shouldn't be having sex at all! Educate then mate, period.

3. You're only doing it because others are

If you're constantly telling yourself "even XYZ has had sex and I haven't" or "if I have sex, I'll be popular too," then you DEFINITELY shouldn't be having sex. It's not a milestone, it's an act of pure love (or lust, depending on what you want.)

4. You're being pressured

Is your boyfriend telling you that you need to prove your love and loyalty by having sex? Or your friends keep saying things like "don't be a prude, give it up and he'll be yours"? In that case, you are being pressured into doing something YOU don't want to do! So don't give in.

4 not ready to have sex

5. You freak out every time you think about it

Maybe having sex before marriage isn't your thing or maybe you think you're too young. Nevertheless, every time you think of the possibility of having sex, you freak and cannot get yourself to do it. That's a clear sign.

6. You have really high expectations

Sex is messy. Period. In your head, you might still believe sex is just like they show it in movies or you might hope to have the best sex of your life the first time. Well, it might happen but chances are that it might now. It's time to lower your expectations. Great sex is like wine, time plays a huge role. The more sex you have, the better it'll get. 

7. You just know!

If your gut is telling you something is wrong, you should trust it. As somebody who has, on various occasions, not trusted her gut only to find out her instinct was right, believe me when I say, go with what feels right and not what you want.

7 not ready to have sex

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