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13 *Little* Signs That Prove He Wants More Than Just Sex!

13 *Little* Signs That Prove He Wants More Than Just Sex!

It is always easy to realize when a guy is looking forward to hooking up with you. They give clear signs of emotional unavailability and have a pattern of keeping you out of their lives when they want to. The task is not to know when he wants to sleep with you but to understand when he wishes for more than just that. Here are 13 little signs he wants more than sex!

1. Sometimes he just wants to hang out

He is okay with the literal version of ‘Netflix and Chill’ with some pizza as long as it is with you. Not every movie has to turn into a makeout sesh!

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2. He asks about your opinion before rushing into a decision

Even when he does take ownership of his decisions, he likes to know what you think about it. And if your opinion differs from his, he does give it a second thought or at least tries to understand what you are saying.

3. He checks up about the little things

Like how your meeting at work went or how was the family dinner last night. He remembers the things you have planned in your life and is genuinely interested in hearing how they went!

4. He laughs at your jokes even when they aren’t all that funny

You know that last ‘knock knock’ joke wasn’t quite hilarious but he laughed his head off anyway! It’s not what you say but the way you say it that really makes him laugh.

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5. After a date, he’s the one to text first

Of course, when he is busy he skips that text but definitely tries to be the first one to send a ‘Hey!’ after the two of you meet. This shows that he just can’t get enough of you!

6. He never plays mind games because he doesn’t have to

All those ‘call after three dates’ and waiting so-and-so-hours-before-replying-back rules don’t apply to you. He doesn’t play mind games, instead, he actually tells you how much he enjoys talking to you and spending time with you.

7. Sometimes, he calls you just because

And since you know how much he loves talking to you, now he can just call you anytime he wants without thinking of a valid reason to do so! Now, isn’t that cute?

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8. He remembers your favourite snacks when he comes over for movie night

Your tastes might differ completely when it comes to movie snacks, but he makes sure to remember what you like and get it for you even when you don’t ask him to.

9. When he talks about his future he keeps you as a potential part of it

It’s not just ‘his’ future but his future with you in it. He tells you about how he would like to have you in his life five years from now wherever he might be.

10. He asks you genuine questions

From ‘what is your favourite colour?’ to ‘what is your favourite childhood memory?’ he keeps asking you things which have no ulterior motive whatsoever.

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11. And also tells you things

But asking is not all he does. He also tells you things about his life. Like what his favourite food was while growing up or all the funny things that happened to him in school. Basically, all the stories of his life before you came along.

12. He compliments you on things you didn’t know were attractive

Like how your nose crinkles when you laugh or he actually enjoys your little snores when you are fast asleep. All the things you were afraid people wouldn’t like about you, he loves!

13. He isn’t afraid of some PDA

Holding hands, pulling you by the waist, planting a kiss on your forehead - he is up for all that cute stuff without any second thoughts!

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