10 Signs He's Into You… But *Only* For Sex!

10 Signs He's Into You… But *Only* For Sex!

Often we girls try to decipher guys and their minds to no avail. Did they actually mean that ‘xyz’ thing or were they kidding? Also, when they say they’ll meet us ‘shortly’ does it imply in the next half hour or three days? But ladies, there are ample signs when a guy is attracted to you but is probably only interested in sex!

1. His compliments have a double meaning

This is a given. Your fella is always suggestive around you, without being overbearing. All your conversations end up with him propositioning you ceaselessly so that you make up your mind!

2. So do his texts

He is flirty almost in a teasing way and doesn’t mind cutting to the chase. Instead of asking you how you’re doing, he is likely to ask you what you’re wearing along with the customary ‘send me a sexy photograph’.

3. His date ideas are always indoors

By that, we mean ‘your place or mine?’. In his head, it often begins with pizza, beers and a cheesy movie and eventually moves into the bedroom.

3  interested in sex - new girl

4. His friends are off-limit

Girls, don’t take this personally but if he just in for a fling, he might not bother introducing you to his friends. Remember, he is not looking for a long-time commitment anyway.

5. Rejection hurts more so

If you don’t want to have sex with him, he gets agitated and takes it very personally.

6. It doesn’t stop at making out

Hugs, kisses and foreplay are only a teaser to the bigger picture. And he knows fairly well as to what he ultimately wants.

6  interested in sex - couple making out

7. He is hyper aware of how you look

He can’t take his eyes off you whenever he is around you and your actual qualities go conveniently unnoticed.

8. Not too keen on other information

If a guy is only interested in sex, chances are he’ll not ask you about your friends, family, your likes and dislikes or even what you actually do for a living. He is only here for the kill.

9. He’s too busy to make other plans

Good luck getting him to take you out on a date. He is likely to jokingly dismiss you for thinking that was even possible.

9  interested in sex - man sighing

10. His interest is short-lived

He might stay the night after a one-night stand but he’ll not bother making you breakfast or make plans for the next day. He is out of the door as soon as possible.

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