What A Goal! Now That FIFA Is Over, Do These Things In Bed To *Really* Score

What A Goal! Now That FIFA Is Over, Do These Things In Bed To *Really* Score

The FIFA season is finally over! In an unpredictable turn of events, France ended up taking the trophy home. And that has probably left you and your boyfriend with a lot of time to do things together, now that you aren't curling up in bed, cheering on your favourite players and having intense arguments about which team is better!

So, what do you do now? How do you spend your nights? Well, we have some pretty interesting and spicy ideas for what the two of you can do in bed to make up for all the void created by the FIFA madness!

1. Bang, Bang!

You know what, just bang his brains out. We're sure all the long nights watching FIFA must have resulted in no action for either of you considering how invested everyone was in the series. A hardcore sex session is just what you need! 

4 things in bed fifa

2. A Little Show For His Benefit

By now both of you are used to a little drama, so why not bring it to the bedroom? Put on a little show for him and strip down to heat things up. Some sexy music, a negligee that reveals more than it hides and a pair of high heels - that's all you need to drive him crazy.

3. Maybe A Massage?

With all the built-up tension from those intense matches, both of you could do with some massage time. Have him massage your shoulders with a relaxing essential oil and return the favour. Who knows where that'll take things!

4. Watch A Movie...

...and make it a dirty one! Since you're already addicted to television now, why not put on an x-rated movie. Maybe it'll inspire you to try a few new things in bed!

1 things in bed fifa

5. Go Down The Field

And by field, I mean him and by going down on him, we mean go down on him. As simple as that!

6. Play Out A Fantasy

While fantasy football may be all the rage, your sex fantasies will trump them on any given day. Tell him a fantasy you've had for a long, long time and both of you can play it out.

7. Make Sure He's Wide Awake

So, you both have fallen asleep early after a tiring day of celebrating France's win? Wake him up early tomorrow morning for a quick session before office. He'll be walking around with a smile all day and it'll be all because of you and not France!

7 things in bed fifa

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