7 Irresistible Things To Do To Make Him Want You More In Bed

7 Irresistible Things To Do To Make Him Want You More In Bed

We all want a relationship where we can just be in the honeymoon phase of having lots of sex. But what can you do to make sure your man wants more and a little more of you each time? You need to incite some major lust in him so that this phase never ends. We propose seven irresistible things you can do to him that will make him ache for you.  

1. Tell him your fantasy...in detail

Do you think about him often? Do you want to tell him what you want to do with him in bed? Well, spelling it out for him will turn him on. Lead up to the act with whispers of how you want to do it: BDSM, eating edibles off each other, a lick fest - all the naughty things you've been fantasising about. For better results, do it when he least expects it - while you're having a meal together or during a movie!

2 ways to leave him wanting morr

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2. Smell good!

A sexy perfume that turns him on will do the trick. Wear a smell that he loves and bring his senses to life with it. This anticipation of you will bring him to his knees.

3. Go commando

Plan a date and go commando. Don't tell him until the right moment. Or, wait till you get back home and slowly whisper it into his ear. He won't be able to control himself and you'll be in for a night for fun. And he'll always wonder whether or not you're wearing panties when you go out together. 

3 ways to leave him wantig for more in bed

4. Wear sexy lingerie

Your wardrobe deserves some sexy lingerie and he deserves to look at you in it. Try experimenting with thongs, babydolls and surprise him with a different one every time. He will totally love it!

5. Give him a great massage

Classics never go out of style. This is one technique that is not only hot, but super relaxing for your partner. Give him a naked hot back massage with oil and let that massage turn into something great for the both of you!

5 ways to leave him wanting for more

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6. Take time during foreplay

Foreplay is the most important thing during sex. You want your man to feel like you like taking time before taking things forward. Nibble his ears, kiss his nack and even better, go down on him to tell him how much you like it.

7. Do a strip-tease

Old school and one of the best ways to tease him and please him at the same time. Strip for him and give him a naked lap dance. Groove to the beats of his favourite slow music and give him a performance he won't be able to forget his whole lifetime.

7 ways to leave him wanting for more

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