Here's How You Can Spice Things Up In Bed... Even If You're Living With In-Laws

Here's How You Can Spice Things Up In Bed... Even If You're Living With In-Laws

One of the biggest drawbacks of living with the in-laws can be the lack of privacy! Of course, you have the room to yourself but you often get conscious when you know they are home, especially when things are beginning to get naughty in the bedroom! To have your sex life not affected while living with the in-laws, we have a few tips to spice things up in the bedroom without feeling awkward or embarrassed.

1. Weekend getaways

A new place and some alone time for just the two of you, would surely spice things up in bed. Just staying in bed all day long in your sexy silk pyjamas would be such a treat!  You could also cuddle all day without having to worry about any household chores at all.

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2. Quickies

The night is yours to have a long session in bed, but a little quickie in the day is never a bad idea! For instance, the mornings are ideal and quite a peaceful time to get things heated up.

2 tips to spice things up

3. Never miss a chance

Surprise him by giving him a kiss when nobody is looking and wink at each other often. Play footsie under the table when you all are eating dinner together. All these gestures would make him crave for you, all day, everyday!

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4. Send them away

Once in a while, surprise your in-laws and send them away for the weekend. This will leave the whole house to the two of you. Don’t miss this opportunity and use every corner of the house- the living room, the kitchen, the dining table for the act.

4 tips to spice things up

5. Ignore the sound

Put on some television or some music so that you both could have a good time in bed without worrying about any sound going outside the bedroom. But don’t shy away from having a good time; there is always a way to do it smartly!

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6. Dirty talk

When both of you are at work, send him some naughty messages and let him know how you cannot wait to be with him tonight. This would instantly spice things up for the both of you.

6 tips to spice things up

7. New lingerie

Buy sexy new lingerie and once the in-laws have slept, let the lingerie do the talking. Men are visual creatures and seeing you in sexy lingerie will surely make him melt.

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8. Striptease!

Who said that strip games can only be played if you live in a nuclear family? When in your room, turn the normal Monopoly and Uno games into a naughty one with your own set of “strip rules” and enjoy the night!

8 tips to spice things up

9. Foreplay

Steal some chocolate sauce and ice cream from the kitchen at night and use it for some sexy stuff in your bedroom. Oh, and don’t forget to put them back in the kitchen before they are found in your bedroom!

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10. Flirt all day

Flirt with him all day, mention your inside jokes and secret code words to him in the presence of others. Only the two of you would know what you both would be talking. Flirt in daylight and spice things up in the night.

10 tips to spice things up

11. Build an ambience

Light candles, use the satin bedsheets, warm up the room, and put on some music. Make the room inviting for him when he comes home from work or rather to just set the mood.

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