MyStory: I Had Sex On A Beach For The First Time And...

MyStory: I Had Sex On A Beach For The First Time And...

My sex life is pretty exciting, to be honest! My boyfriend and I are quite adventurous and we try all the new moves that we find on each other. But most of the time, we have to sneak around in hotels. It's the same old problem of living in the same city with our parents and it's never possible to spend time together at home!

We find ways though and take frequent weekend trips to nearby destinations. But this one time, we wanted to go away for more than a night, so we planned a beach getaway. Both of us called in sick at work and went away to Goa for a long weekend. Just the idea of spending the night in his arms, in a hotel where we won't have to pay-per-hour, made me giddy with excitement. 

We deliberately chose to stay in South Goa. The beaches are quieter, there aren't too many people around and we knew we would have our privacy. The setting was so romantic that we couldn't stop touching each other, even when we were out. Eating in small shacks; walking on the secluded beach; holding hands as the waves touches our feet - this was such a break from the monotonous routine that we have in the city. Plus, no more sneaking around, scared that someone will catch us. And it was during one of those walks that one of the best experiences in my life happened.

It was just us on the beach and we were giggling and play-fighting when suddenly he grabbed me and started kissing me. It was a wildly passionate kiss, one that suddenly drove me crazy and had me begging for more. I couldn't help but want him there and then. The thrill of doing it out in the open excited me! It was getting dark, so the romance of getting intimate with him under the stars drove me wild.

"Let's have sex right here on the beach," I whispered, breaking the kiss. 

"How are you so brazen suddenly?" he asked as he looked at me with desire in his eyes.

internal sex on the beach

Suddenly, his hands were everywhere, feeling me up. We only removed the necessary clothing just in case we got caught and had to run. As soon as he entered me, I felt at peace. I'd been craving this intimacy, free from any stress, for so long now. We ended up having wild, passionate and no-holds sex right there on the beach.

The only downside to it, though, was the sand that got into uncomfortable places and even a long bath back in the hotel couldn't get rid of the sandy feeling but we had a lot of fun showering together later. That moment of having sex on a beach was as perfect as it could get! I would totally recommend it! *wink*

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