10 Thoughts He Has *Before* He Has Sex With You!

10 Thoughts He Has *Before* He Has Sex With You!

Now we don’t mean to diss men but during sex, not much is running through their minds. And that’s not a bad thing at all because they are focussing on the more important things outside their minds. However, before he jumps into the pleasure pool, he is doing almost as much overthinking as you! Here are 10 such thoughts he has (yup, you’re not the only one!) right before you two jump in bed...figuratively and literally!

1. Man, she looks so hot!

If sex is on his mind, his eyes would be running all over your curves and edges - albeit a bit discreetly - and he’d be visualising you in all your naked glory.

1 - before sex

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2. Could tonight be the night?

Who knows what turn the night may take? You two may end up making love or you may just call it a night, but the possibility of the former would be driving him crazy with excitement.

3. There are so many things I want to do with her!

Men like to think of themselves as performers in bed and tend to plan their moves way before any real action takes place!

3 - before sex

4. But will she think I am being too kinky?

His fantasies would be poking him in the back of his head and he’d be wondering if you’ll let him play them out for real!

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5. I hope she is as excited as I am!

Equal participation is essential for good sex so obviously he is wondering if you are as into him as you!

5 - before sex

6. Maybe I should just kiss her and then see where it goes…

All these naughty thoughts are getting too much for him to handle and he’s planning to take matters into his hand with a little kiss first!

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7. What if I fumble on her bra clasp? I can’t get around the damned thing!

Bra clasps are the biggest enemies for men! Some of them conquer while others fail. Of course he is wondering which side he will fall on.

7 - before sex

8. I wonder what she’s wearing under that dress, though…

Lacy or racy? Thong or corset? The possibilities are endless and each one is as exciting as the other. Of course he is wondering what’s holding that sexy bod under the dress.

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9. I want it to be the best sex she’s ever had!

At least both of you have the same interests at heart! *wink*

9 - before sex

10. So glad I decided to keep some condom handy!

For safety is not even an option and in case things take an interesting turn, he doesn’t want to stop because of lack of protection.

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