7 Easy Ways To Get Your Man To Strip For You... Instantly!

7 Easy Ways To Get Your Man To Strip For You... Instantly!

Getting a man to strip for you might sound like a no-brainer but sometimes you might need the right skills to get him to do it. Don't worry, ladies, these few effortless ways will make sure he gets up and strips, just for you! 

1. Propose to play strip poker

When the game has strip in it, you know you've won the challenge even before it started. Tell him that you wish to play strip poker with him and try not losing. Well, even if you do, he will be at par with you. Basically, it's a win-win situation for two people who are trying to do something 'nice' to each other.

1 ways to get him to strip for you

2. Dirty talk in his ear

Dirty talking, like we have always mentioned, has a superpower like no other and can get your man to do anything you like. Whisper sweet nothings in his ear and let one of them be 'strip for me, baby'. Trust us, it will do wonders and you can sit back and enjoy the show!

3. Strip for him

You give good stuff to get the good stuff. Well, that's what we have learnt all our lives. So this time, give him a little teaser for him to show you the whole picture. Tease him a little by stripping for him and then ask him to join you after. What a great way to get on with it, isn't it?

3 ways to get him to strip for you

4. Smell good!

Your man loves it when you smell good! It is one of the biggest turn-ons of all times. Afterall, everyone wants their partner to smell good all the time. So put on some nice cologne and smell good for him. It will turn him on and in return, he would want to do some good things for you!

5. Tie him up and do things to him!

We know how important teasing your partner is. You have to turn him on for him to turn you on. So, tie him up and kiss him all over his body. If needed, give him a lap dance and slowly untie his hands. Let him touch you all over and strip for you slowly. You will absolutely love it!

5 ways to get him to strip for you

6. Make eye contact

A wise man once said that maintaining eye contact with someone does wonders to the chemistry that two people have. Just look into his eyes deeply and let your eyes do the talking for you. He will get those signs and would want to do all things to you!

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