The First Time We Played… Strip Scrabble!

The First Time We Played… Strip Scrabble!
I met Varun through a popular dating app. The reason I swiped right was because he had an incredibly witty and funny bio description. I’ve always found intelligence in a man to be really sexy. Someone who could hold a meaningful conversation and skilfully debate about anything and everything under the sun. Yeah, Varun was that kind of a guy.

We exchanged numbers and got to whatsapping. We would practically text each other all day and never run out of topics to talk about. It was only after a couple of weeks that he asked me out for lunch. I was thrilled, but at the same time pretty darn nervous because I didn’t know what he’d be like in person. What if he was great at texting and not with communicating in person?! All these thoughts were put to rest once I met him.

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Tall, lanky and pale, he looked. He was soft spoken, and I have to admit that I found his voice kind of hot. We went to a popular eatery in Bandra and we hit it off really well. After that date, many more followed. On one of our many dates, I had mentioned to him that I’m a champion at playing scrabble, and winning against him would be like a piece of cake. To my surprise, he challenged me. The competitive girl that I was, I took the challenge on like a boss!

Internal first time I played strip scrabble

The next day, I invited him over. While we were chatting, eating pizza and listening to soft music, I thought he’d make a move on me. You know what?! He did! He asked me if I had a scrabble board. I was a little taken aback, because I was expecting a different kind of move - but a challenge is a challenge.

I got the board out and he told me that there would be some rules. He suggested that we experiment a little - strip scrabble was a good option! At first, I was confused - but he then explained the rules to me and it actually seemed like so much fun. So the rules were that if we made a word that went above 50 points, we would have to remove one piece of clothing. That was it - and so, we played along!

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Turned out, he was a legend at playing scrabble! He knew the game so well that I ended up striping till I was left with only my undergarments on. The most I could do, was get him to take off his shirt, watch and shorts. In the heat of the moment, we obviously ended up making out. It felt so passionate and we both enjoyed every moment of it.

To be honest, the game actually brought us closer and made me realise what a great chemistry we shared. I had never ever thought that I would ever have a serious relationship with someone I met through a dating app - but I guess ours is an example!

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